Security: Any ideas?

by Linda
(Eagle Grove, Iowa)

Someone felt the need to try to break into my small garage door while I was off visiting my sisters. Only the padlock held them out. I thank the Lord for that one but they broke my deadbolt and the door handle. I have no idea how to fix the door to keep them out. I was thinking of just covering it over and wait till Spring. Does anyone out there have an ideas on what I can do?

The people are climbing over a 6 foot fence to get to that door and its a wooden fence so the police can't see through it from the road. I am going to get a dog or a pup am thinking a pup will work better for he will have to get along with my two house cats. Hoping for one that barks too.

Anyway I did nail the door shut, using long roofing nails for that was all I could find. I still wonder if covering the door up from the outside isn't the way to go. There is a new packing plant about to open here and so comes the people with it. Some are ok, others not so much.

But I can't move so I must learn to live in my house. People around me think I am a easy mark because I have white hair and am retired. But really I am not easy anyway.

But thanks to all who might give me an idea of what to do with this door. Its a small one that a person can walk through and I don't have a lot of money to do a lot. But can do some.

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Ref: Security
by: Linda SC

Linda, I am so sorry that happened to you. I too, have had experience with trespassers and thieves.

You did a great job securing your building.

Years ago, I contacted my local sheriff's department's crime and prevention office, and an officer came out and evaluated my home and property and made some helpful suggestions. I would start there.

Although, the department could not commit to driving down my street, I noticed an increase in law enforcement car traffic before I moved to a better area that presented with more problems. Crime is everywhere.

It's important to report any suspicious activity as law enforcement looks for trends that may help catch the criminals and also improve protection services in your area. You probably could still do that if you haven't already.

In my county, residents are seemingly expected to provide their own home security with guns, security cameras and neighborhood watch programs.

An adult dog, if you're a dog lover, may be a good deterent. I don't mean to be preachy, but recommended dietary, health and semi-annual veterinarian care is probably between $1,000 and $1,500 a year, including wellness exams, dentistry, minor issues, shots, monthly heart worm and flea prevention. and initial costs of dog house, dog crate, bedding, toys that have to be maintained. Spaying or neutering if not including in animal shelter pricing. Then there's weekly home bathing and grooming. Professional grooming with an every 6 week recommended schedule, ... human contact, skin and socialization, exercise, safety and protection from the elements, yard clean ups and stool (to include parasite) monitoring, .... and other physical and emotional needs. Just sayin' it's a rewarding but big job.

Hope you find a workable solution to your security needs. Best of luck and God bless.

Get a Camera
by: Karen

GET A CAMERA. Or get a fake camera at the local home store and install on the top of the fence. Or call a security company and pay them to set up a camera. Don't live in fear.

by: June

Go to a shelter and get a dog that barks loudly. A puppy is useless. Not only may you make yourself safer but you are saving a wonderful furry life. Some dogs are turned into shelters because people move and can't take them with them. Many are well trained already. You will be much safer if the bark is big, loud and fearsome. The shelter folks can help you pick the right one and you won't have to train him/^her.

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