Seizures, Seizures And More Seizures.

by Rick
(Milwaukee, WI)

My early childhood (birth through 10 years old) was fine. I was a happy kid and developing quite well. However, things changed at 11 years old.

When the fire department visited at school, during Fire Prevention Week, I was excited to see my Uncle Pete, who was captain of the fire department. After the demonstration, a firefighter came up to me and we talked. He was very helpful, in answering my questions. Throughout the rest of that week, that same firefighter would drive around the neighborhood where I lived, looking for me. When he found me, he asked me if I had any more questions about fire. As a child, I trusted firemen and policemen because they were known to protect and serve the community. Well, not this particular man.

Eventually, he got me to go for rides with him. He would drive me around the neighborhood and ask me about my family. He also asked what I enjoyed doing. The rides became more frequent and the friendship became more trusting. He taught me how to make a game out of the things we would do and talk about.

Before I knew it, I became his victim. This "friendly fireman" was actually a child predator. He was successful at trapping me for his sex toy. The problem lasted for quite a long time. I reacted with tantrums and rude behavior in school. However, I couldn't tell anyone about this problem. The trauma of this scared me so much, that my mother took me in for counseling at a psychiatrist's office.

They concluded that I was suffering from undiagnosed seizures. This was the beginning of my having to take anti-seizure drugs. The drug therapy continued for a long time. Well, so did those visits from this fireman. He would learn different ways of handling me. However, I continued to have problems with the seizure drugs. I was always groggy and continued to have problems, communicating my problems with the fireman.

After several months, I began losing respect for people who held jobs in any legal profession, medical profession and I still couldn't reveal the "secret" to my parents because I feared what would happen to me if my dad ever found out.

It was difficult to find and hold a job because of the continual problem with seizures….. More than forty (40) years have gone by, since that traumatic encounter with the fireman.

I still have problems with my health but I’ve found some relief from the seizures. The scars of an abusive childhood are still there but I have found some understanding people to help me get on with my life.

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Dissociative seizures?
by: Anonymous

I am sorry you suffered this terrible abuse. I am retired now, but the fact that I had two seizures at work led me to be finally diagnosed with grand mal epilepsy, along with aphasic seizures. But I was also sexually abused growing up, and suffer dissociative seizures, which mimic epilepsy. But they are real. At most, I was totally out of it for two days, like sleeping, finally woke in the hospital.

I know how damaging this abuse can be in the life of a person. Thank you for sharing, and you are in my prayers.

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