Semi retired 😒

by Tyrone Lewis
(Davenport Florida. Usa)

I've been semi-retired for 6 months. Living with daughter and her family.

Was on my own and had an amazing practice as a psychotherapist. I would work 5 to 6 days per week always interacting with someone. I exercised and continue to swim and stretch. (Back problems) I felt I could do anything at anytime.

I am 64 single really divorced. Where did "I" go? I see clients via teletherapy. I swim 4 days a week yet don't feel that I am receiving any emotional currency.

All my aches and pains seem amplified. Am lonely, yeah even with a shit load of kids around.

This coronavirus crap is limiting and currently I have no car. Have to ask for favors. Don't feel real balanced. On anti-depressants and getting a complete medical workup.

I want female companionship for the first time in years!! On the other hand, I can't push myself to get off my ass.

Trying to adjust to my finances and limited transportation. Whining huh?

When I talk about it I feel better. Maybe therapy???

Thanks for listening!

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by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

As a Therapist, you KNOW writing it out helps.

Your mind, instead of going round and round, must settle and think logically, focused on your words.

My suggestion is to write here. Not necessarily about your retirement but about HOW we go from being a working busy person to a slower version of ourselves. You've now "been there and done that" so write about it.

HOW do we do that and be happy about it?

Use your knowledge and help others via your writings! Feel better with sharing your thoughts on retirement. Make a difference.

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