Semi retired and feel fed up

by Philip
(St Helens )

I took voluntary redundancy in May and was really looking forward to slowing down, but I just feel really unhappy and don't know why.

I'm debt free, have a lovely wife and family so what went wrong?

Any thoughts will be gratefully received.

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Contentment .
by: Keli Muli , Nairobi , Kenya

HI ,Find a way to share your success with others ,at your expense ,when they make efforts to apply your methods ,walk your talk .As they find their life's quest ,let that be your joy and success .All the best .

hurt feelings
by: Laura in Vermont

You say you were let go for redundancy, which is how you ended up retired. I think that is at the heart of your sadness. It's a horrible feeling, putting so much of yourself into work for years and then cut out at the end, like they used you up and tossed you out.

You are so much more than your work!

You just need to take some time and explore new things when you're ready. Listen to the other commenters too--they're very wise. Enjoy your advantages that not everyone has, like your lovely family and your lack of debt (jealous!).

And best of luck to you!

Activities and Structured Time
by: Martha, NH

Fed Up...being Fed Up is the first step to change.

Start exploring classes that are available. Classes are the beginning of the process. You start to meet people, and find people who have other interests that you might want to explore.

If structured time is something you miss then create some structure right off in the morning. You might need to coordinate some activities that others can get on board with. It's worth the effort

Give yourself Time
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

Perhaps you need the Gift of Time right now.

Your mind needs time to sort out a new lifestyle of being content and finding new joys:

  • find things you enjoy doing and having the TIME to do them

  • planning day trips for you and your wife

  • finding gratitude for the small blessings in life every single day

  • gardening, walking in the park, being out of the house in nature where mental healing begins

    Just give yourself some time for the mind to sort through this odd new place in life. We've all been there -- busy one day, then WAM!

    Who am I? and What will I do all day, every day, for the rest of my life

    Best Wishes!

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