Senior Center Day Trips... FUN!

by Wendy,

This week, our family lost MaryAnn, the grandmother of my nephews wife. She had been with us many times, at the kids wedding in Las Vegas, birthday parties, holidays. We will travel to Northern Michigan tomorrow for the funeral.

The reason I am telling you about MaryAnn's death is this: this lady lived, really lived, until the day she died. She LIVED life. At 85, MaryAnn still loved to travel, and she took most trips the Senior Center offered. Day trips and overnight trips, she loved them all. She was a quiet, unassuming woman, and she was well-travelled and enjoyed her life.... every single day,

There are opportunities that many of us don't even look at. Take the time to investigate the possibilities that surround you!

Many years ago, my sister-in-law, Karin, and I took a day trip to Shipshewanna (Amish country), and we weren't yet seniors, but jumped on that senior trip. At first, the BINGO game on the bus was silly -- but soon enough, you start to enjoy the fun! You felt a camaraderie with fellow passengers and had a simply great day, no worries, no driving and directions -- just sitting there enjoying the view, and learning more about the country that surrounds you.

Take a Day Trip... one day getaway that restores your soul!

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