Senior Home Security

Naturally, you want to feel safe in your home. Senior home security is especially important because we are from a different time when the focus on home security was not as important as it is today.

A few pointers for your own home which might help you realize that there are certain issues that need to be more secure:

  • Walk through your home and see how many entry points you might find for a burglar who wanted in. Is the entrance to your home free of any shrubs or bushes that might be a good hiding place for a burglar? Do you have a working entrance light so you can see to get your door unlocked quickly?  
  • Senior home security depends on making it hard for the thief to enter the home. The least amount of trouble and the easiest entry is where he will always go. Do not think that just because you have close neighbors, you will be safe. After dark when many people are relaxing for the evening, watching television, occupying children, or whatever, and the home will most likely be noisy so outside noises will not penetrate enough to help you.

If you go away for a week or two, do not make it look like that is what you have done. The thief looking for an opportunity is wise to the timed lights. He also does not as a rule just pop in. Usually the home is watched for a few days to establish a pattern of your behavior. If you leave your home at the same time everyday and are gone for an hour, he will know this. That will be the time he will strike. Senior home security is reliant upon not making the mistakes the thief is looking for.

Make sure the locks on your doors are secure. Dead bolts are best. And never leave a door unlocked at night. That makes it too easy. Do not open the door if it is someone you do not know. Invest in a good peephole that has a wider view so you can see who is on the other side of your door.

Never leave large amounts of cash in the house because believe me; the burglar knows all the hiding places. If you cannot afford a safety deposit box, find a good hiding place in your home that no one would think of looking in.

There are some other precautions that you can take to protect yourself An alarm system, even if it does not alert police, can help. If you just set it to make noise when it is breached this will scare most thieves away. After all, they are interested in getting what they can get in as little time as possible, and not being noticed.

If you really want to get high tech, have a full-fledged security system with cameras and police and fire notification if the alarm is set off. You can have cameras installed outside at every entrance to your home and a monitor inside to watch every corner of your home.

There are many more ways senior home security can be established. However, the basics are the first place to start.