Senior Pals wanted

by mildred

Today is my lucky day! Because I have been searching for seniors who have like interest as me. I am 77 years old, live in the city in Tn., have 3 birth children in their 50's, and one adorable adopted son who is 18. It is challenging each and every day that I live. We have 2 dachunds, one is long haired and bright red and belongs to my son , answers to Coco. Mine is a mix of short and long haired,red,8 years old and is my constant companion. We each sleep w/ our own dog.

I have endured may health problems but w/ my selected memory I forget the past surgeries and travel on.

I am a home body, enjoy the computer, small area to garden, flowers, being frugal, investing in real estate,trying to teach my son to be frugal and so far he is doing ok. He can find groceries w/ a coupon easier than me.

I would like to find a pen pal around my age who shares some of the same interests as I do. Thank u for reading so far. Have a wonderful day.

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by: William

Why is it 'SO' difficult for an old man to find a female pen pal?

Wendy: It is not. Join the Community and find plenty of senior ladies for friendship.

Senior Pen Pals
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

Have you seen our new
Senior Pen Pal Newsletter?

Check it out. September 2019 is the second issue!

Wow Hawaii
by: Anonymous

I have never been to Hawaii. But one day I will. I have only seen photos and news about Hawaii and the volcano's that lava comes out and wipe away some homes. But what do I know right. I will find out for myself one day.

Retirees Living in Assisted Living
by: Lon in California

Surely I am not the only one. I would love to communicate with other retirees about living in Assisted Living Facilities.

Lonely widow in Capetown SA
by: Joanna South Africa

Recently lost my husband and now Iam lonely
as a child I used to write to penpals all over the world and enjoyed it so much so I have decided to start again
I am 75 and would like to have friends from all over the world
I have been to most countries and traveled alot during my years last december my husband and i went to the Phillipenes for a months
so i would say that is my hobby it would be nice to meet a man or a wowan who have traveled a lot Thank you and all the best hope i get a answer

by: Arleen (Hawaii)


My name is Arleen I lived in Hawaii I was born here. Finally I did come back home to live I have lived in Minnesota, California.

My husband and I are retired I am 76 will be 77 in Dec. I would love to write to some one. I live in the town of Wahiawa which is the center of the island. I mostly stay at home with my husband.

We have a dog name Leilani she is a poi dog which means a mix of terri she is my baby love her to pieces.

We don't have children but love all children and all people.

Well I hope I gave enough infor about me.


Wendy: Please join the Retirement Community to find new friends...

Still looking for friends, penpals etc.?
by: Ken San Diego

If you ever need a "pen (email now) pal ... feel free to contact me. I have plenty of time between looking at the internet, youtube, facebook, and sites like "How to be happy when you finally Retire" "How to tell your doctor to stop calling you!" etc. LOL

I live in Southern Ca, and like to take day trips to LA etc. even just for lunch! (the one thing I learned though...when a friend wants to join you, make sure to tell them "the cost is : $.... otherwise they think you are treating them..(Don't I know!) Have fun!

Pen Pals
by: Sherry Wilmington, NC

Hi Mildred, I know TN. It is a beautiful state.

I am familiar with "The Elephant Sanctuary"; that sanctuary is in Hohenwald. I love that the Sanctuary takes care of old and abused elephants from circuses and zoos.

I hope you have found some nice pen pals and enjoy all of the info that you are getting from them.

Be Friend Pan Pal
by: Dr.O.P.Joshi

Dear friends I stay at far off place in India and can not be room mate but can be good pen pal and wish to help, talk, discuss and visually make you happy. I am retired Professor and Anthropologist and 70+ but keep my self busy in writing and painting sketching. I painted more than 60 postcards and got them printed so can make friends and send to friends.

If you become friend I will be to make friend and will like to write you and send post cards. Subjects are: Wild life, beautiful birds, dances, music with dance, American Presidents with first ladies. and many more.

I shall be happy to paint on themes you give me, regards. Dr.O.P.Joshi address:14-A, NatrajNagar, JAIPUR 302015 India email

Inky Trails News
by: Anonymous

I beg you. Please bring back Inky Trails. I enjoyed it so much and really miss it!

Wendy Oh I wish I could... i do miss it too. It was so much work, and with this site, I just couldn't keep up. Thanks for your kind words...

Friends and Roommates
by: Brent Carver/Thousand Oaks CA

Dear fellow retirees,

I live in Southern CA. (Not bragging for sure)and it's Not cheap. It's nice, but lacks the closeness of community. I would love to find friends and, potentially a roommate or two.

Finding compatable roommates may not be that easy by this age (70) but I tend to really like about everyone I meet. I love getting together with friends and having that mutual support. It would certainly help on the financial end and nice to know everyone had each other's back.

My kids are not in a position to accomodate me and I would rather live with my peers.

I'm active and healthy. Would really like to find some people with like mind to maybe look at rooming. At least getting together.

I will try to find a place on this site to post my interests and hope to find some like minded friends.


by: Wendy


You are close to finding pals, but not quite there. Please click on the two faces to the right... Retirement Community. Join it!

You'll find retirees galore under the pen pal tab, or search the member tab for specific locations, hobbies, whatever..


p.s. Retirees may comment here but no way to leave email addresses... so you just need to join the community to find other pals!

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