Senior Pen Pal query

by merv henning

Hi Wendy ,do we not still have the method of contacting people from other countries ,in the same format as you once had ??? Merv Henning

Wendy: No, unfortunately, the "bad guys" of the internet started writing to folks, wanting money and not playing nice. They are crooks.. and there are many scams out there.

I do have Senior Pen Pals in the Retirement Community (look under COMMUNITY or SENIOR PALS on the left navigation bar). You can search the 700+ on the Member page, and then write to anyone privately. Write on their page, or swap emails and go off the community site.

At least, everyone is safe there.. Or I hope they are! I manually approve every senior into the community and have had to delete a few. Uggg!

Please join us!

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Would like to have Australian penpal
by: Sachiko Tannen

Hello Retirement online readers,
I live in Tokyo, Japan. 78 years old widow.

I am writing here as I would like to have a penpal in Australia, who will write me about Australian life,world views, etc.

I have one lady penpal in New Zealand, who writes me once a month. I have daughter and son-in-law in California, both are in their early 40s and as you know young people in this age are busy in rearing children, etc.

I saw Mr. Merv Henning is your reader and Australian. If he writes me about his country and his family, his views on the world and things etc. I will be happy. As ladies and men have different perspective on everything usually.

Also would like to have Australian lady penpal too. Thank you for reading this. Waiting your retrun reply. Sachiko Tannen

Wendy: Nobody can answer you here as I can't publicly post email addresses. Join the Retirement Community and search under members. I see 10 from Australia there... write to see who wants to communicate with you!

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