Senior Pen Pals: I remember you!

by Diana Kleyensteuber
(American Fork, UTAH USA)

Wendy- if you can see this please read. I believe I know you because I use to pen-pal years ago. You had a pen friend news-paper and I subscribed. I am still living in UT. I hope you can remember me. Diana (In UTAH)

Wendy: Hello Di! Yes, I do remember you... in fact, I commented on your senior pen pal page to see if YOU remembered me!

Small world! We meet again! Nice hearing from you!

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I Remember You
by: Anonymous

Who ever is looking for me:
dkleyensteuber at

Got your letter
by: Margaret in UK

Hi Diana
Ive been desparately trying to find an address for you. I did get your letter but was on my way to France to visit my son. Unfortunately with all the coming and going I have mislaid the letter! Im so sorry. Can you write again please I would love to keep intouch! I will keep checking here !
Best wishes
in Surrey UK

Oh! Great! So good to hear from you
by: Diana (in UT)

I am having trouble getting around this place. I've love to receive your little blurbs about what the other friends post- recipe, puzzles, things/places of interest, and 'snail pals' who really want to write letters.

Seems as though 'snail mail' no one wants to write, but I feel people are more sincere, cause they seem more committed, whereas e-mail pals post e-mails, then loose interest after a while. I guess I enjoy taking time with my letters and pondering our fun as we 'talk' with each other.

I am now 68, and living in a senior living facility. I still get to go to my home when I want to, so this is good. My DD (age 26, adopted, from India) feels it would be best for me, but I think she feels core comfortable knowing 'I am safe' so she can work.

She teaches school: US history, world history and geography. 3 are honors classes, and one is an AP class. (I hope I have it right- one of the classes where you can get college credit.) She took all honors classes herself throughout her schooling years, so why not be able to teach her love of history with others.)

Now, I hope that when I go back to try to find your link so I can click that 'news page' you have, it will take me to the place in your letter so I can have even more fun enjoying your love of pen-pals, friendships, and the 'creative word'. Thanks so much for responding.

I just felt inside that all this great work was YOU.

Thanks a bunch- have a good day. Diana (in UT)

Wendy: Di, it really IS a small world.. so surprised that you'd think of me on a retirement site as you'd never knew I did retirement for a living (both before and after retirement).

I'm sure it's a comfort to your daughter to know you have help if necessary... we do worry! My own mom is 85 now and doing fine (though she thinks she is not.. but she IS compared to others her age).

Good hearing from you!

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