Senior Pen Pals: Thank you!

by Marie

I can't begin to tell you, Wendy, how finding your site has filled many an empty hour...

I e/mail regularly 4 people I found on your pen-friend page... and may add, I will reply to any mail I might get.

It's a wonderful way to connect with people you may never have known... I hope one day one of my friends may even visit me in England... that would be the icing on the cake smiles

I have three friends in the USA and one in England... and have found them to be real nice people.

I enjoy popping on line and opening inbox... and of course exchanging stories ... keep up the excellent work.

I for one after trying different sites am so happy I found yours. thank you Marie

Wendy: Marie, I started writing to pals 25 years ago, worldwide, via postal mail, before the internet was around. I know how you feel... these friendships can be way more than just a pen pal! They truly become part of life, and more...

To many new friendships....

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by: Barbara

Hi Marie and Gwen,

Enjoyed both of your posts. I'm surprised how many international penpals there are on this site. It's wonderful!

Keep on posting and let us know how we can reach you via email/snail mail.

I am very interested in corresponding with penpals especially over the holiday.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Sincere Friendships
by: Gwen

I, too, have found many genuine contacts and write to several people now. I wrote to a good many in the beginning but some have since not written back again, but that is the way of life and we are not all compatible.

I am in England too, Marie, older than you, and hope you will find the friendships you want.

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