Senior Pen Pals: why don't they write back?

by Mary
(Victoria Australia)

Hi Wendy, I would like you to tell me what you think about a person who says they are interested in being a pen pal and then you don't hear from them? Mary

Wendy: Unfortunately, with email, it happens. Someone might get too many requests (and you'd hope they'd simply hit REPLY and say "I'm sorry, but...." With email -- it's so easy to find pals, but there are so many other distractions on the internet, more pals, more websites, facebook and many offline issues to (life, illness or hospitalization, family issues, death) -- some people either forget or simply move on,. it's sad.

If your pal had medical issues -- write one more about being concerned and if anyone checks their email, they might update you on whats happening... just a thought.

Having said that -- I wrote to one man for 15 years, daily, on the internet.... he was single in Colorado, I was married in Michigan, 30 years younger than him, but our souls bonded. He came and stayed in my home twice a year for a long weekend for many years and Terry and I toured parts of Co with him as our guide. Just keep finding pals, more pals, and you'll find a great bunch of wonderful friends that you can chat with daily!

It does happen!!!

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No Replies
by: joyce

I joined wendys site to meet new friends but I have never had a reply so far and I see I am not the only one.

Wendy: Have you joined the Retirement Community, Joyce? There are almost 800 retirees in there now... just click on the two faces to the right and register!

by: Barbara

Keep writing Mary. I saw your post and so will others.

Your story was a perfect example of how a penpal can become much more.

Hope you will write again soon!


hearing from pen pals
by: Norma

I requested senior pals here but never heard from anyone.

Wendy All I can say is "try, try again". Sometimes people have a busy week, and your ad is gone. Just needs the right seniors seeking pals when yours is posted! Best Wishes!

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