Senior Pen Pals

by Nina
(London, England)

Life is full of surprises! When you get an email saying you have won lots of money.... or they have a huge amount in a bank in some unusual country and would like to get it out but can't. Could you help them out. Well this rings alarm bells.

The worst thing is if you aren't careful and get tricked. So, this is the fun of using the internet. But, it has been wonderful for me. I have written to some very interesting dynamic people.

Also, I enjoy your site and have recommended to friends to join. This is the age of both amazing communications and also ominous deception.

Thanks for being there and being careful!

Always, Nina

Wendy Nina, I hope you agree with me -- the positive of the internet and senior pen pals far outweighs the few creepos out there...

Use common sense and think twice!

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