Senior Products: Need Your Help

by Wendy

My image says it all.. I posted it on Facebook and the Retirement Community and will add any products to this page so it might help retirees find helpful things!

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Motion Detector Light In Home
by: Lynette/Largo, FL

I saw this Motion Detector Light in a catalog for $18.95 each. Takes a couple of AAA batteries and is approx 4 inches square. Then found it at Home Depot for $8.95 and I bought two. They are terrific!

They detect your motion about 5-6 feet away when it is dark and turns on a bright LED light. I set it on the floor in my bedroom. So if you get up in the night it will light up or if you walk into a dark room it lights up the way. Attractive and light weight. Needs no electricity.

Great safety find and $10 less than the catalog price.

Lots of them here on Amazon! Under $10 and over...

Jitterbug Phones
by: Wendy

Just found this phone on an article from the NEWS site. I've seen these phones in magazines before but never thought of mom.

Read the description below -- the battery can last up to 25 Days AND immediate access to emergency or nurses, etc.

I even looked at the monthly amounts and they are cheaper than mom pays now. You can view the monthly amounts on Amazon's page, about half way down). My dad doesn't see well (macular degeneration) so these larger keys are cool for him,

Click phone image to view on Amazon...

The great points I just read:

"The Jitterbug Plus takes your Jitterbug experience to the next level, with a more lightweight design and 25 days of standby time - one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market. The new, built-in camera with photo sharing capabilities will help you capture your special moments, and the powerful speaker delivers loud, clear sound so you won't miss a word of your conversations.

A backlit keypad with bigger buttons, a bright color screen and simple 'yes' and 'no' buttons help you navigate the Jitterbug Plus, and the device provides one-touch access to an Operator that will help you manage your calendar or phone book.

Other Jitterbug Plus features include compatability with GreatCall health and safety apps, 5Star Urgent Response and LiveNurse. 5Star Urgent Response provides immediate, 24/7 access to help in any unsafe situation, and LiveNurse offers unlimited access to health advice from registered nurses. "

Ginger Tea
by: Beva N, Retirement Community

I make a pot of fresh ginger tea every day and drink it all through the day. Ginger helps get rid of muscle pain and is really good for the digestion system. I take no meds, and I think it is because of my fresh ginger.

Joanie: You drink the ginger tea all day? Beva how much would you say? I understand it's very good for stomach ulcers as I too drink it.. but, only once a day. I use Martha Stewart's recipe for Ginger soothing.

Beva: Joanie, my tea pot is small. It makes about 2 and a half cups is all. I manage to drink it easily through the day.

SAS Shoes
by: Joani

Nice to know about Sketchers, Wendy....I always buy SAS as they have great arches, and great support. I pay a little more but our feet are worth it.

SAS shoes are made in America & let me tell you... they last for yrs as they never wear out.

Link for SAS Shoes on Amazon.. check them out.

From: Retirement Community
by: Joani

A few suggestions for muscles or arthritic pain:

-- castor oil beats a lot of the it lasts all day. Tad greasy but, after applying it..I put some powder on well. castor oil is:$5.95

-- Arnica gel is very good too... Arnica gel: $10.95.

Only reason I buy the Arnica, if am going someplace as Castor oil is "greasy" but it does work. I put Castor Oil on this morning & my knees still have no pain. I don't take pain meds either.

Joani, this Arnica Gel, below is only $6.69 on Amazon.. might be a smaller size?

Click it to

From: Retirement Community
by: Carol K

I've always thought the idea of drinking warm milk at night to help one sleep was an 'old wife's tale', but recently I decided to try it.

I add honey and vanilla and warm it up and it works for me. Must drink it about half hour before getting into bed though as it takes time for the tryptophan to get to the brain. Tastes good too!

From: Retirement Community
by: Diana Maddock

Click to View on Amazon!

A couple of years ago, one of our PBS stations featured a doctor who recommended the vitamin, CoQ10. He claimed it is good for the heart and other things age-related. I have taken these vitamins daily since the TV special.

Two of my doctors have made positive remarks: one said, "You're taking CoQ10? Good for you!" Another doctor asked me how I learned about this vitamin. When I told him, he said, "Keep taking it."

All I can say is that I am not feeling too bad for an old lady! : )

Great for the feet
by: Sharon

I was looking for a slipper for a friend with diabetes and found the best one. I got it from a Dr. Leonard's catalog.

They are flexible and light and close with Velcro with plenty of room for adjustment. I am thinking this would be great for people with very bad swelling as well. They are really inexpensive and probably won't hold up forever, but they are washable and with the price, easy to replace.

Hope this helps someone.

Grip and Grab
by: Wendy

Someone just suggested this and it's perfect for my mom! So Happy!

This is an Amazon photo. (click to visit the site)

There is no need or me to describe this tool with 593 5-star ranking... but the Amazon reviews said these things:

-- Very Very well made and easy to use!

-- You can pick up the smallest item--even a pill dropped on the floor.

-- This is the best unit of its kind we have ever used. It is well constructed and the swivel end makes it more convenient than similar products. It is also one of the longest. We not only use it to get to out-of-reach things, but it is extremely handy when picking up small branches and twigs from the yard - and we have a Big yard. Saves lots of bending.

-- This product was purchased for my elderly mother based on a review she read in the AARP magazine. These types of devices have been around for years but this product in particular was rated higher than most all others. Unlike many less expensive models, this model feels much more sturdy with a more ergonomic handle and a better than average grip design. Add to these features the fact that you can rotate the grip to allow picking up both horizontal or vertical objects without changing the orientation of the handle and this product has been well worth the money spent. If you or someone you know is in need of this type of device then I highly recommend this product.

-- The Grip n Grab, this grabber is amazing, I had surgery on my foot recently and I had to use a wheelchair for three weeks. I bought Ettore 49036 Grip n Grab and I was able to grab everything I needed to use and much more, even grabbing clothes hanging in my closet that was out of reach otherwise, it'll even pick up coins on the floor.
However moving around the house in my wheelchair with one leg propped up, I accidentally crashed into the doorway breaking a part on the Grip n Grab grabber which made it unusable. So my son went out and bought a Gopher grabber at Wal-mart for me. The Gopher is almost useless compared to the Ettore Grip n Grab.

Lots more reviews, read them by clicking on the image at at the top then scrolling towards the bottom of the page.

Anyone else use this? Buying one for mom now!

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