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There are so many Senior Sites with retirement products that can help us in a variety of ways to continue Living LIFE!

As we age, these senior sites bring the best products that help you to live a normal fulfilling lifestyle!

I will continue to add links to cool sites, with innovative products, in the near future!

Best Wishes! Wendy

Bathing -- Do you love good old-fashioned baths (not just showers)? Well, this is one heck of a bathtub -- it's a bathing wonder - a walk in bathtub!

Younger looking Skin -- I use a Derma Roller to keep my face looking just a tad younger. I'm a logical gal and I don't buy into hyped up products... but if you watch the video on their website from the Rachel Ray show, it made perfect sense to me (the part about men shaving and how it stimulates their face). To me, that is exactly what the Derma Roller does.. I get a slight sunburn look to the spots I rolled, it's a little heated, but disappears in a few minutes and I swear its helped me... Read the Anti Aging Skin article on their website!