Senior Student

by Eds
(South Africa)



Good day all from sunny South Africa!

I retired last year at the age of 57 and turned 58 in November.

Have been working as a PA for almost 40 years. Divorced when I was 39 and start studying Law 5 years later. At first I thought it’s good to keep me busy and my intention was never to finish my degree but I found it so interesting that I have never stopped studying.

I have two children, a boy and a girl and three cats. My son passed away in March 2011 at the age of 36 due to internal bleeding. My daughter will be 36 in August this year with a Law practise in one of our big cities.

At present I am writing my final two exams. I am so grateful to God for His help and support and I am giving Him all the glory. He was really the only One who ever stood by me through thick and thin. It is really a privilege to still be alive and healthy and I am so thankful for God’s love, grace and mercy.

I want to encourage everyone out there, no matter what your age are, to use your God given talents!

My hobbies are prison ministry, reading, cooking and travelling and I would love to correspond with other seniors Christians all over the world.

They can either correspond with me in English and also in Dutch or Afrikaans which is my mother tongue.

My God bless you all!

Jesus-love and blessings, Eds

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Praise and appreciation
by: Scott

Dear Eds,

It was on a sleepless Seattle day that I read your post it seemed to come out of the clear blue sky as we're on the other side of the world and I had never read anything from "Retirement Online" before.

Your words refreshed me like crystal clear water coming from the high altitudes above. Thank you for your frankness in writing of God's love and I loved how you implied of His trustworthiness no matter what we may be going through, (and i thank God for all those who responded) it was all so inspiring.

As one involved in ministry for almost 40 years I have a special love for your continent and although we've never made it to your country, we hope to someday soon.

Our love to you S. Africa!

What an inspiration your words were!!
by: Anne Van Wyck

I work in public relations and advertising for a place called Hyde Park, in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Hyde Park is a community for 45+ and we offer not just mixed housing for seniors, but services and amenities that make for neighbourhood and a true sense of community.

Most of the staff are mature Christians, but our offerings are for non-believers, as well as Christians.

I am 58 years old, have lost a brother who took his own life, and I am a breast cancer survivor. My love of the Lord is deep and wide and He is who I go to for everything. So your blog comments were just so amazing to me. What's particularly cool, is I am friends with many South African women through a bible study and know how remarkably deep their faith is...

My thankfulness and gratitude for your words!!!

by: Anonymous

Good day Anonymous, Jeanette, Joe and all the wonderful people reading this. It’s wonderful corresponding with you all.

Jeanette, people like you, working in the medical field earn all the respect and praises of this world. Not an easy career but such an important one. One of my subjects is Forensic Medicine and I find it very interesting but very difficult.

Medical staff always reminds me of Mother Theresa. Caring for the world! A huge privilege but very hard work and long hours.

We have such a shortage of trained people in your field in our country. The service and medical help in our state hospitals are so poor. Still better as in other parts of Africa but to go to a state hospital here is actually a big risk. Many people don’t have medical aid and have no other choice and my mom was one of those. I salute you and your colleagues!

Joe, many people especially older people cannot read or write. We have 11 languages in our country but there are not really books available to learn the African languages. The books that you do get are mostly university level. I have been trying for more than a year to buy Tswana books without any success.

Students at our universities do not study in their mother tongue and it really has such an impact on their performance. I don’t know of any schools for senior citizens. There are some wonderful teachers giving up their spare time to teach senior people but it is not formal institutions.

At university level we do have a lot of senior students. To help senior people in any way is fantastic Joe! Without people like you people like me cannot achieve their goals.
Have a wonderful evening and remember you are special to God. Eds xx

Learning Centres
by: Joe W.


Congratulations on your fruitful results on making learning your career as a Senior Student.

I'm curious to find out how 'seniors' centers' are making out in South Africa, assuming you have these entities there. My idea is for Seniors to continue their new learning habits as long as they live. However; I see wellness community centers combined with lifelong learning centres for seniors and other community members.

Do you have any ideas here?


Joe W.

by: Anonymous



Giving Glory to God
by: Jeannette

Hi Eds,

So nice to read your post about your life and your Christian faith! I too rely totally on my faith in God to direct and lead me each and everyday!

You have obviously been brought through some tough times and yet you have remained strong and we all know that that strength comes through our faith in God.

Your life sounds wonderful. You sound like a very strong and caring person. Congratulations on your successes. I too have done prison ministry years ago. I am still working, but soon to retire and looking forward to being more available to do volunteer work in the church! Hope to hear more from you soon.

PS I have a friend living in South Africa. We worked together many years ago as nurses in northern British Columbia.

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