Seniors and Life

by Irwin Lengel
(Auburndale FL USA)

Life, one can only envision how it will be
We are born, develop, grow, mature, age, and die
Along the way we love, marry, raise children, and make friends
In the short run while this may be true, nothing lasts forever

Some look upon life as a journey
Others see life as a constant challenge
A few have no idea what life is about
Everyone looks upon life in different ways

Is the glass half empty or half full?
Are we the optimist or the pessimist?
Do we wake up smiling and go to bed happy?
Or are we always grouchy, sad, or depressed?

Hurdles must be confronted head on
There is no hiding one’s head in the sand
They will not go away by themselves
The sooner this is understood, the better

Disasters take many forms
Financial, health, and tragedies come to mind
Families and friends show their true colors
Which shows that life is worth living?

It is how we take the journey
Rise up to the challenges
Seek the meaning of life
That serves to identify who we are

Until next time!

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It about the Journey, not the Destination
by: William, HI, USA

This reminds me of the "Homeless Preacher Man" of Youtube on motivational wisdom

Motivating Wisdom "It’s The Journey, Not The Destination"

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