Seniors Helping Seniors

by Wendy

As the name implies, Seniors Helping Seniors is an amazing concept to begin with.

This senior resource has a home base of Pennsylvania, with centers nationwide, so that's how I picked up their brochure here in Michigan.
They match seniors who are willing to help other seniors -- to those needing help.

This makes sense to me as younger retirees could help older or disabled folks now... so that later, in our older years, we'd have help ourselves. Makes good sense, doesn't it? Love it!

Seniors can request help in a variety of services:



Small handyman services



Dr. Appointments


Overnight and 24-hour care

If you'd like assistance, in Northern Macomb County and Southern St. Clair County (where I live), you can call 258-659-8648.

If you'd like to apply to help seniors, or find help nationwide, visit the website:

Seniors Helping Seniors

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Seniors Helping Seniors
by: Dave VanderLinde


Thank you so much for your kind words about Seniors Helping Seniors In-Home Services. I am very glad that you picked up one of our brochures, learned more about our organization and took the time to post some thoughts on-line.

We LOVE what we do.... we are helping seniors maintain their independence and stay in their own homes with the dignity and respect that they deserve.... at the same time, we are giving other healthy, active, loving, caring and compassionate seniors a way to get out, do good and help others.

Our organization lives our mission of being a way to give and receive. We have about 165 offices around the country and I know our franchise partners in northern macomb county personally - I know that Sarah and Nancy would be happy to give you more information about Seniors Helping Seniors and share with you more about what they are doing to make your community a better place to live and retire -if you are interested in learning more please call the number on that brochure you picked up.

Dave VanderLinde Jr
Regional Owner
Seniors Helping Seniors
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Wendy: Hi Dave! Thanks ever so much for your unexpected comment here! Wow! Good to hear you LOVE what you do, as I LOVE what I do here on my website - and hope that brings more visitors to your site, thus more volunteers! Kudos to your organization for helping folks stay in their homes, for simply helping seniors.. period.

p.s. I live in Northern Macomb County!

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