Share the Pressure to Ease the Pressures

by Jennifer
(New York)

All I can say is to make sure you share these concerns with your children as they may have different thoughts than what you expect.

Trust me, they want you to enjoy your money and time. And they will be there for you if you fall short later. Although I did tell Mom not to go crazy and blow everything in one week or one place!

But she is enjoying herself and feeling comfortable with the decision to live for today and use the funds she has by looking at all of her options and what they will deliver now.

She keeps telling me to share that so here I am giving you a different perspective to consider!

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Good One!
by: Wendy

Yes, I talk with my parents all the time about their savings and expenses, etc. In fact, we recently documented all their financial stuff... one pager with all their savings, expenses, and anything financial with account numbers and phone numbers,.etc, That REALLY made them feel secure... just knowing if anything happened, someone knows where everything is.

I think its good that they know you are behind them... and also they need to LIVE life while they can.

Thanks for sharing!

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