Shingles changed Everything

by Lynn

A month ago I got shingles. Before that I felt young and vibrant. Since it's only been a month, I'm still hoping for a reprieve.

I do yoga, tai chi, etc so I am in touch with my body. I knew immediately I had shingles and went to urgent care, a good thing because there is now an anti virus medication that stops the shingles from spreading and you have to take it before 3 days after you get the disease.

The rash was gone a week later and I had none of the pain I hear about. But for a couple of weeks I was exhausted. I hate lying around, but that's what I had to do.

Now I have itching itching itching and if I scratch it I have terrific pain so I don't scratch. I've tried several different ointments and the itching comes back and it's driving me nuts and making me feel old.

So suddenly I feel old.

I have macular degeneration and the loss of vision and limitations on driving (I only drive in my neighborhood) did not make me feel as old and useless as this shingles!

Wendy Lynn, it sounds like you were actively taking care of your health before this happened, so I am betting you will be better soon. Give yourself a break and just let your body repair itself.

Interesting... I never knew there were meds for Shingles. I remember the great pain my grandmother endured many years ago vividly.

Anyone else out there who had Shingles?? Any help to offer?

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I Had Shingles Too!
by: Richard

About 10 years ago, I contracted shingles. I believe I got it when my Australian Silky jumped on my stomach, while I was fast asleep!

I could not fight or flee. My body was paralyzed in dead sleep.

I believe this is how my body reacted. It was painful and incredibly itchy and sensitive, around the waist. Most of it went away in a few weeks.

However, it took several years for the electrifying jolts to my lower back to subside.
My doctor gave me a shingles vaccination years later, to prevent reoccurrence of this.
Shingles was nasty, but temporary, for me.

by: Anonymous

Hi all,
It's now 8 months since I had shingles and except for occasional itchiness in my upper back, I'd never know I had it. All symptoms are gone.

So hang in there anyone who is getting over it now, with luck you will soon be as before the illness hit.

six months later
by: Anonymous

Hi All,

This is Lynn six months after shingles.

I never had pain...except once when I scratched...then the pain was unbearable for about five minutes and it taught me ...NO scratching.

Now it's over, I'm fine, occasional itching which I ignore and nothing else, I am back to the same condition I was before, peppy and active.

There is life after shingles. Eat plenty of veggies, get exercise and NO scratching!


by: Anonymous

I had them 3 years ago and didn't go in time to be able to take the anti-virals. It was NOT a day at the beach that is for sure.

The tiredness and even mild depression are all part of the recuperation. This was difficult for me because I am generally one of those fools who is 99% an optimist!

Rest, try different ointments for the itchiness----have you tried one with Capcasin in it? The nerves simply need to get back to normal and calm down again. Read, exercise (but don't overdo) and find a hobby or activity that gives you a modicum of pleasure.

I will be thinking of you!

remarking on shingles commentaries
by: Linda Lively

I am not sure when the comments on shingles were originally started but I just read them this evening. Yes, they are from the herpes zoster virus (same virus that causes chicken pox as mentioned by one of the readers).

Shingles (or herpes) flare up due to poor diet, stress or any number of things. There are meds to help lessen the severity and shorten the cycle.

The virus then goes dormant in the spine and some people never have another flare up and others may have many. I do believe that long periods of stress may cause breakouts but I don't think anyone really knows for sure.

Shingles can be any where on the body but see a doctor asap, if they break out on the face or forehead as it is dangerous to have the blisters near your eyes.

Also, a person is contagious when the blisters are open and weeping but no longer contagious after they begin to dry up...very similar to the chicken pox blisters. Hand washing is important during this phase.

Hope this info helps.

by: Joani

Had them back in the 80's...the whole nine yards when no meds were around...I suffered for several months..they had me on percacid ...strong pain killer...what I had heard about them and it's just have them on one part of your body...if it travels into the other's serious. ..mine didnt and I don't know anyone's that did.

shingles come from Chicken Pox only way you can get them...yes, there's meds but the minute you get them you need to go immed, to the ER for a shot...also, Medicare allows there is shots Yôu can get before you even get them...ask your Doctor...Also be aware...they can return. They are not catching from someone else.. You are lucky today with the you wouldn't want them the way I had them...stinging pain.....

Fellow shingles victim
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with shingles on March 6, 2013. I am now in my 9th week of what is called PHN (postherpetic neuropathy), which is the name given to the pain that persists long after the initial blisters have healed.

I take Neurontin three times a day, along with percocet with pain (as needed) anywhere from 4 - 6 times a day at the beginning.

I'm now down to 2 Percocet . . . still on Neurontin . . . have good days and bad days with this awful virus.

It is debilitating in terms of being able to sleep or move around easily. Depression is often its corollary.

However, I've maintained an optimistic viewpoint, hoping that my damaged nerves will repair themselves so thatI can go back to work.

I'm an educator . . . had many sick leave days built up to boost my retirement pension . . . don't know if I can teach another year, since stress is a primary causse of wear-and-tear on the immune system.

If I don't recover by the beginning of the next term (mid-August), I'll go ahead an retire, although I won't be totally ready financially to do so.

I'll handle it.

Right now, my biggest "job" is esting enough for my nerves to repair the damage so that later on I can find a part-time job and/or return to working full time.

Hold on . . ask for prayers and positive thoughts to be sent your way . . . depend upon friends and family for help through this time . . . and remain in contact with your physician constntly so that you receive the most effective meds for this horrible virus.

Best of luck!

35-year-old daughter had shingles
by: Carol

My 35-year-old daughter just had shingles. She immediately went to the doctor and was placed on the anti-viral medication. So far, no pain but she is only 5 weeks out from the medication.

Veteran of S
by: Carol

Hi... Sorry you are saddled with this challenge right now.

I got it pretty young around age 50. Had no idea it was shingles until I went to my chiropractor (bc of the pain). He thought it was shingles. By the time I saw my GP a week had gone by. I was given a prescription. i was in a lot of pain. I
didn't want to eat or do anything but rest and or die. : /

I took the med and it did alleviate the effects somewhat. But I was out of commission - so tired
and feeling weak for probably 2-3 months.

Good news is that it did leave, never to come back, God willing. I recommend accepting you will probably be curling up with books, etc for a while vs out dancing.

Hang in there. "This too shall pass."

by: James

I sympathize with you Lynn. I had Facial Shingles a year before I retired from my company.

Fortunately, it was diagnosed early and I was put on medication. Early diagnoses is important. I had to take a week off work as my face looked pretty bad.

I remember itchiness was the biggest problem. As well as taking medication I also used to sometimes put an ice pack on my face. I was rather lucky, I think, because it cleared up after a month. I read some really bad cases of Shingles on the internet.

Hopefully, you will recover soon and return to a normal life. Good luck.

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