single and retired

by Katie

Hi ..I a 62 year old girl ..retired from a Medical profession ..divorced from the love of my life (he left me for a younger model).

I too also really looked forward to this time in life ..but not any more . My co-workers Never call me ..and yes I have tried to connect with them . All my other friends are married and don't give too hoots about spending time with me ...soo bored and feeling very unloved . Tried the dating thing ..hahaha...the only advice I hear is " get a dog ..volunteer ..go to church and take a pill !

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Single, 62, retired and loving it.
by: Lisa

I guess I had it a little easier than some of you. No husband, empty nester (kinds out of state).

I started traveling alone...big cities, cruises. I love cruising solo. I have met wonderful people, had amazing adventures, ate great food. Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii...people are so nice and welcoming when you're solo.

So, I got a head start by learning to be alone and enjoying it. Go out and make adventures!

by: Cindi H, NC

I've suggested this to others before, but my best friend had the same situation - husband left and she was so stressed at work she went ahead and retired at 62. Took a little while to get her feet under her - she lived with her sister for a while and then with a daughter's family in Arizona.

She found her own apartment out there, joined a hiking group and started line-dancing. She line dances 3 or 4 times a week with a group and met her current boyfriend through that (her instructor asked her to help him out with the steps).

She is constantly on the go and finding beautiful places to hike, paddleboard, etc. Take your time and let your interests bring you to new friends and possible new romance connections. Best of luck.

Pls work at reconnecting...
by: Junebug in WI

I have never married and live way out in the country. I have two dogs to keep me company. I also invite people to lunch with me. Former coworkers who are retired, neighbors...anyone who will come. I never turn down an invitation. I send snail mail notes on birthdays and holidays; do chair yoga twice a week. Just get out and keep moving. You will find your stride!!!

forge ahead
by: Elaine/Port Charlotte FL

Mike from Venice gave you great advice. You should seriously consider it.

Anyone is as alone as they allow or want themselves to be. Get out there in the world.

Whatever your interests there are others with the same. Towns have senior groups run classes, trips, etc. Volunteering may sound cliche to you but you will be amazed how good you will feel to volunteer somewhere.

Good luck.

by: Wee Zer

Katie, so sorry to hear you are single at a time when you could have shared good times with your husband had he not left.

I am 65 and have been married for 46 years. Husband retired in 2015 and I was laid off back in 2011 and never worked since.

I agree with others and a part time job would be something for you to do. Maybe choose something outside the medical field to learn something new.

You might be able to take college courses for free at your local college. Sometimes they wave the fees and let you sit in on the classes. Free art shows to attend. Maybe you could learn golf. Join the YMCA.

Make a list of groups you could join, classes to take, jobs you might try. Consider adopting a dog, they are gifts from heaven.

Wishing you the best. Let us know how you are doing.

Sense of humor
by: Sherry

You are going to make it on life's retirement highway! Keep on
keeping on. There is lots to do just go find it.

Find a part-time job in your profession. The medical world is suppose to have lots of jobs open now.

Stop looking for love and it will find you! You have to be smart
enough to know when it is looking at you in the face!
Good luck!

Trust Your Instincts
by: Jane Gramlich, PA

I think it's natural to feel the loneliness and to feel a bit disconnected at retirement. I think you should go easy. Take baby steps towards what feels good for you right now...

The one thing I discovered about growing older and reaching retirement is that my best bet is to pay attention to my own instincts.

I wish you the best of luck with it!

by: Anonymous

This really does work and you sound as though you might be are a good one. My husband ran a transfer service for sick seniors moving them from Nursing homes and hospitals to other hospitals.

Put yourself out there to meet people
by: Michael D. Bell, REALTOR®, Venice Florida

Don't give up on life or meeting someone new if that is what you want. Are there hobbies and activities you enjoy where you could meet other people? If you enjoy church - go to church. Go to concerts, art galleries, etc.

One of my neighbors (a widow in her late 60's) met her new boyfriend at the grocery store. Volunteer for organizations whose missions align with your interests. Maybe a part-time job a few days a week might help.

I'm sure you are not the only single and retired person who is looking for companionship. The same adages apply regardless of our age - be a friend and you'll find a friend and you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.

Feel your pain
by: Mike in Spokane

Hello, I just noticed your post because I am also in the same boat, retired (I guess, apparently), and mostly alone now.

My job was about it for a social life, I know that sounds lame but it was the case with me. So when that ended unexpectedly I was sort of automatically retired. And it has been that way now for quite a few years, I am 64 now.

I think it is a growing time, being alone is sort of all of our destinies in a way. So much of the social rewards we had in our "previous working life" was centered in all social interaction. Maybe one day we have to learn how to be alone and quite happy being alone. I am still working on that. ha.

Anyway just saying hi and have a nice day.

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