Skipping rope

by Tuxedo Cat
(Westlake, OH)



When the weather warmed, somebody brought their jumprope and we used it until recess and lunch were over.

Double Dutch (I never mastered it), snake (swinging rope back and forth to jump over). "House for rent, inquire within, when I move out let (next girl) move in!"

Then, "Charlie Chaplin went to France to teach the girls a hoochie-koochie dance! Heel and toe, around we go, heel and toe, around we go. Salute to the captain, bow to the queen, and touch the bottom of a submarine!"

Of course, movements matched the words. What fun! Do kids even jump rope any more?

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Skipping Rope
by: Diane

Skipping rope, Hop Scotch, people not locking their doors. Oh, how the world has changed. When I was 5 years old, I would walk through a wooded area after dark with my PJ's on. Went to visit my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. No big deal. Later when I was around 10 years old, we had to go home when the street lights came on.

Today's kids
by: Anonymous

InSmall Town "middle America" (where we also love Pres Trump) kids still jump rope and say fun sayings to the movements.
and play hopscotch.
And play outside
And are restrited to an hour or less on "screens".
And bike or wak to school.

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