Sleeping Meditation

As we age, we often develop poor sleep patterns. Meditation techniques can help to find sleep easily, and reduce all the things that interfere with good sleep.

There are some meditation techniques for good sleep as below:

One of the major causes of insomnia is the incapability to allow go of feelings in order to let your brain turn off. Try this: get into bed and relax,  and then focusing on breathing. Keep thinking about deep breathing - in and out. It sounds odd, but if you can focus on breathing, your mind will learn to turn off.. thus sleep comes!

Put your attention on breathing and visualize the air incoming deep into your lungs, filling up your whole body. Keep your attention there. 

Guided Meditation for Sleep

A Guided meditation intended that take you to an imaginary relaxing journey. It might be restful sounds, water lapping onto the beach, nice background music.

Hope this helps!  Sweet Dreams!