Slowly but surely

by Ira
(New Jersey)

It's been three months into retirement now. I will be 63 in November. Slowly things are coming together.

I decided to go outside of my zone and started taking an art class last week once a week. The apple and pear were recognizable with instructors help.

I completed an application to volunteer for a non profit business organization in my county. Waiting to hear back. I asked to volunteer for my Temple ..waiting to hear back from them.. I am into politics so I will start doing some phone canvassing for a local politician seeking 2nd term in Congress. I go to the gym and hike once a week now at my favorite spot that I recently found.

I have had to approach all of this as if seeking a job...putting out feelers and seeing what hits.

Retirement is more of an adjustment than I originally thought but I am trying to re-invent my life and don't feel as anxious as I has.

I still feel a bit out of sorts with time on my hands but hopefully that will change if things start to come together.

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by: Dave

Adventure begins at the outer limits of your comfort zone... Don't be shy! And remember...time is the most precious commodity we have. :)

Lovely stuff!
by: Margaret Johannesburg

Well done Ira! Don't stop.

It's a bit of a learning curve when you realise that while you UNDERSTAND the world you get yourself involved in, you don't work as fast as you used to, and things take longer to process, but oh my, how enriching it all is when you get there!

Definite advantages to being "more experienced."
Go, man, go!

Like being a teenager
by: Mary Florida

It has struck me retirement is kind of like graduating from high school and reinventing yourself as an adult.

I retired to part time work 3 years ago but have now at 64 quit altogether. I stopped in part because I could not meet the physical demands of my RN position but also because I suddenly felt I didn't need it anymore.
Any job satisfaction was eclipsed by frustration and there is no financial complusion.

So now I am experimenting. I am studying French, cook more and hang out at the beach. I applied for a volunteer position but never received a response. I joined the Red Heart society but local chapters have not responded.

I will keep trying to find a niche but am really enjoying the process.

Slowly but surely
by: Sherry

Good for you, Ira. Your life is on tract because you are on the right tract!

Go Ira!
by: Wendy,

So happy for you, Ira!

We love to stay comfortable, but like an old boss used to say:

"If the turtle never stuck his neck out,
he'd never go anywhere!"

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