Smart kid! (Retired Early)

by Bob
(California, USA)

I knew a guy at one of my old jobs that never wanted to go hang out at the bar or movies, spent very little on shiny new things like cable and gadgets, had a small apartment and said he was just happy that way.

He retired after working late shifts and double shifts since he got the job doing a menial labor position of stocking and sizing tubing at 17.

He retired at 35. I wish I had been that smart. Very few people now days are.

Wendy's Comment: Just THINK of the power of this story! At 35, you CAN work double shifts and get the job done, easily... if only more of us saved for retirement, instead of going for bigger and better all the time! Thanks for sharing this!

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Smart kid
by: Anonymous

I also knew work colleagues who saved every cent, lived frugally etc. These people never spend their money. You should do a follow up on this guy. I bet you will find that he is working somewhere else accumulating more money. Their passion is making money - not smelling the roses.

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