Smashing Retirement.

by Julie Grenness
(Melbourne, Australia. )

Yah, now we are sixty plus. We are not oldies, we are all in our prime time. It is our quest at our age to smash this prime time. This little old writer has invented a daily motto, like a mantra!

SMILE Yes, smiling is infectious, and free. A smile is a universal language.

PACE! Yes, pace ourselves. In retirement or not, no need to waste neurons and energy on racing around. I must admit I still do sometimes, doing such chores as housework sparkle.

SLOW! This is our prime time to slow down, not to sweat the small stuff.

MILD! It is good practice to be peaceful daily. We can wake up,thinking, "Today, I am chirpy. I shall do this, this and that, and stay chirpy. I can smash joyful, all right!"

REST! These are our prime time golden years. It is our time in the Autumn of our lives, to wind down with somewhat lazy senior leisure times.

I find that I am telling myself, "Now I am going to read this good book for half an hour, an excellent way of resting." Reading even rests our brains. As our prime time advances, there are large print or talking books. All doable.

If you do not wish to read, boomers can sit down, in silence, or with radio or television, or music. Shut your eyes, think, "I am asleep again? Looks like it! All right." Keep breathing, it is living. Ten minutes to half an hour later, we can all wake up, feeling refreshed, ready for more prime time fun.

PEACE! For my general smashing of prime time, so far, so good, I avoid conflict. I find some people can aim to provoke a response, elicit a reaction. They are only a glitch in a feel good day.

Some of society are like, "Good cop, bad cop." It is their routine. Just think, "Well, der....." Disregard negative remarks to trash. Lots of us can indulge in stinking thinking about total non-issues.

We can focus on smashing our retirement with UNSTRESS! Prime timers must relax into following their own star. We can kick back and do what we enjoy, do whatever is realistic. If we seek to be solution focused, anyone's path in life can change ahead. An opportunity can appear for us in prime time.

For example, today I had a short story and a devotion published online in the USA. I feel blessed, smashed some literacy moments. It comes under the heading of getting creative, with no obligation. Writing, journaling, painting, crafting, cooking new recipes., learning new skills, gardening and other pursuits, can all be venues for unstressing. We can develop our activities we love or wish to learn.

Retired or not, this is our prime time. Time to rise and chirp. How are you smashing retirement today?

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by: Loyce

Stayed indoors and was grateful for tasty food, a warm house and a tranquil neighborhood. I checked in with Positive friends and offset negative comments with Positive ones on neighborhood Next Door site. I researched other senior centers and promoted activities at my local Senior Center.

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