Smile - be Happy!

by Irwin Lengel
(Lakeland, FL)

So let me ask you, now that you are no longer working, what type of a morning routine do you have?

Are you still of a mind to set the alarm and when it goes off jump out of bed with a mad dash to the shower thinking that you must be ready to head out that door like you did when you were working nine to five? Or is it possible that you moan a bit or so, roll over and reach for the alarm clock, hitting the old snooze button hoping to remain in that wonderful blissful sleep mode until the last minute.

The only problem with the latter is that if you hit the snooze button once, chances are you are going to do it again.

All that will lead you to is the possibility that you will be in a rush once you do manage to crawl out of bed in an effort to start your day.

Wouldn’t it be better to start your day smiling and wondering in anticipation what wonderful things you can accomplish today? Remember, we are retired – hopefully we get to pick and choose that which we want to do every day. Why not do it in a good frame of mind?

Better to try and retire earlier in the evening so that you can start your day on a more even keel. One that doesn’t require you to rush around attempting to get yourself ready for whatever the day will bring and possibly miss some activity/chore or what have you.

When we lay in bed too long in the morning all we seem to do is create a more hectic day for ourselves. In taking this approach there doesn’t seem to be enough time to allow time for ourselves.

You know, that time we should be allowing for ourselves - taking full advantage of the fact that we have yet another opportunity to start again. Getting ourselves out of bed a few minutes earlier each morning allows us time to just sit and enjoy that morning cup of coffee or tea, relaxing for a few minutes, acknowledging that, hey, here it is – another day! Another day for me to make the best of what I have.

Sunrise is one of the best times of our day. It provides us with all sorts of opportunities.

Getting up early, especially if it is in time to see the sunrise has got to be a phenomenal feeling of renewal.

You almost have to ask yourself, what new opportunities are going to pop up in my life today? Yesterday is no more – it is gone. Tomorrow – too soon, it doesn’t even exist yet! What is left? Today – just right now.

Think about it. How does that make you feel? Hopefully, as I would like to put it – “Well, today has got to be a good day – why – because I woke up and I am still on the right side of the grass!"

Just think, another day (for those of us in retirement) to do something we really and truly enjoy. Perhaps it is reading that novel or going to a ball game. What thought pops through your head first thing in the morning when you wake? Think about it. What are you feeling? First thing I try to remember to do is stretch. I am finding that the older I get, the stiffer my joints seem to be when I wake. Actually there are times that I wonder if I lie in bed too long although, truth be told, I probably do not get as much sleep as I should. But I digress. I try to make it a point to stretch every morning. Some mornings it seems to be a chore - but, after stretching, I feel so much better. Renewed - if you will!

Next thing is to take my morning pills (another part of the aging process), have a small glass of juice and prepare a list of all the things I hope to accomplish before the day is over.

Personally I have found that waking up with a positive attitude along with a general idea as to how I want the day to go, works well with me and in reality, usually my days are pretty good.

Especially when at the end of the day, I have managed to cross off many of the chores/tasks from my list. That is not to say that some days I may feel sluggish or really not in the smiley face mood – but – by the same token, I also know first-hand that on those days, I do not accomplish near as much as I do when I look at the day with a positive point of view. I truly am a firm believer that the way you start your day is an indication of how well your day will go along with how well your life will be.

Bottom line and the crux of this blog today is – every morning when we wake, in my humble opinion, we should stop and ask ourselves what good can I do today?

Do we want to be grouchy and bitter or gentle and smiling?

By allowing ourselves that extra moment shortly after we wake, no matter how fleeting it may be, we help ourselves start the day in a calm, focused manner. This enables us to be better prepared for whatever is in store for us.

So smile – be happy!

Until next time.

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by: Irwin in FL

Glad you liked my post about smiling - Shar in MI

Exercise to Grandkids Music
by: Shar MI

I loved your post. I too try to smile every day and say 'Thank for this day' as I raise out of bed. After morning coffee and face book laughter I walk and am proud I am up up to a mile now.

Then I exercise to music that my grandchildren listen too. It's very upbeat and I laugh every time they sit and watch me wish they would join but all they do is singing along. Currently I'm on restriction with my exercises but looking forward to restarting soon.

My day is so much better when I start out smiling,singing and exercising. Keep smiling!

by: Ricardo

Yes, smile, be happy, it costs one nothing to smile.

We all know the words to the song..... "smile though your heart is breaking, smile what's the use of crying"...... and "the smile and the world smiles with you, cry, and you cry alone"

Sometimes in this "rollercoaster of life", it can be rather difficult to put on a happy face..... but a smile and a pleasant outlook on life can be contagious!

We are all here for a reason, and we all have to make the best of our lot in life..... sometimes smiling thru those tears.

Sit up, hang those feet over the bed, stand up and be thankful that you have another day on God's Green Earth..... make the best of it..... help to make someone a better person..... do something to make someone.... S-M-I-L-E!

Wendy: Dear Ricardo...

I love your post above... until the "hang those feet over the bed" part. Didn't you ever know there are monsters under the bed?

You simply gotta JUMP outta the bed! Grin!

OUCH.. jumping hurts!

Comments from Judy
by: Irwin Lengel


Thanks for reading my post. Your last statement says it all. We are at that point in our lives that we truly should enjoy each day to the fullest because once we reach this age, anything can happen.

We too are so blessed to be enjoying life to the fullest. Each day is a new adventure for us and we find that we are still doing things that when we step back a moment and look what we just done or agreed to become involved in we actually say - wow, are we actually doing this at our age? But like I also said in a previous post - age is but a number.

We are as young as we feel and to be truthful, neither of us - my wife or I - feel our age. Sure, some days we might but most days we are up and ready to go and try something new at the drop of a hat.

Keep that wonderful attitude. Again, thanks for sharing.

Smile - Be Happy
by: Judy Marriott

My husband and I feel we have much to smile and be happy about! No longer have to answer to an alarm clock - great! Go to bed and get up when we feel like it - great! Have a wonderful family, and friends - wonderful.

The best part of the day is when we get up. Early risers are we - never laying in bed past 4:00 a.m. We are alive - feeling well - family is happy and healthy and so are we.

Mornings are the best time of day - like to take our coffee out on the deck in nice weather, and watch the stars in the early morning skies. Quiet, no one else is up - very peaceful, and a beautiful way to get our thoughts together and thank God for everything we have.

Our days are often spent at the Hudson River Waterfront Park, as we are close enough that it takes us only a few minutes to drive there. Sometimes we take a nice ride in the country, enjoying nature at its best. Sometimes we just sit and do nothing. Whatever we do, we do it happily, thankfully, and with joy in our hearts. We know that we have more days behind us than we do ahead of us, which makes everyday truly a blessing.

So I agree - smile, be happy, enjoy your family and friends, and live each day as though it were your last - Amen.

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