Smiles are the Medicine of Life

by Ruth in Oregon

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I remember many things, my Aunt Annie's Bubble Lights on the tree fascinated me.

We had a small white pointy plastic tree that we got to put gum drops on the end of branches.

One year, after a lot of tragedy, we had so little that we wrapped stuff from around the house in secret in some leftover wrap from past and gave it at gifts. It was one of the best Christmases I can remember, as the surprised looks are etched in my memory. I was 11 or 12.

I have lots more memories some big some small, and I'll betcha we all do.

See folks, it is the good stuff that takes us to the finish line, and smiles or outright laughter are the best medicine of life.

If we can recall and share them in a post, what a wonderful gift to others.

Lovely Christmas Everyone, inside where it counts.

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by: Carol, Canada

Ruth, I love this story. It's the simple things we remember long after glitz and glamour are gone.

by: John / Tyler Tx

That’s the correct attitude to have in life. Laughter, smiles, happy memories make life bearable and can be seen any time time since they are etched in your mind. Those are the cherished parts of life since the "things" we receive as gifts are soon broken, are no longer useful and discarded to some landfill. Meaningful memories last forever.

Wendy: Totally agree, John. Merry Christmas! Stay Safe!

by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Ruth, I googled "gumdrop tree" for the heck of it -- always curious here.

They still exist -- modern versions for folks who like to carry out old traditions. Wow!

Thanks for sharing... yes, one Christmas post can make us smile -- maybe all day long!

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