Snail Mail Pen Pals

by Sharon Towle
(Bradenton Fl. USA)

I'm looking for snail mail pen pals. I'm 67 years old and will write to all. I'm Christian and I don't judge. I love all people no matter what God put us all here and I'm offering you a true friendship.

My husband passed in 2003 and my partner passed in 2012. I will write to all men and women. Share your life with me and I will share mine with you. I can also call you by phone after you get to know me and know I'm a true person and you feel you can trust me and know I'm not into playing games.

I love all people and looking forward to friendships for a lifetime. You can write me any topic you care to write about ask me anything I have nothing to hide. I have one son who is a Jesuit Priest he was born in 1971. My daughter passed in 1976 at the age of 6 1/2 years old.

Men, I love cars and going to car shows love the old cars and like to look at the new ones so that will give you something to write to me about.

You can share anything with me and it will stay with just me I don't share anything we write about with anyone I promise you that and I would want the same from you. All I ask is you write from the heart as that is how I write and tell the truth as I don't tell lies. I look forward in our friendship and many letters in the mail.

I like to send cards too so share your Birthday with me or whatever you would like to receive a card for. I love friendship cards and my Birthday is April 9.

I have RA throughout my body and COPD even though I never smoked got my second hand but I don't let any of that get me down I'm very upbeat life goes on and we all have something to face so if you have these problems and what to share them with me I look forward in helping you deal with these issues. Any problem you have and what to share I will do my best to help you and support you no matter what you are facing.

I so look forward to all letters and I will ANSWER ALL LETTERS AND REQUEST.




PS; I have a Boston Terrier Muggsie is his name he is seven or eight years old. The love of my life and is great company loves to play and eat everything. I love all pets but I'm crazy about Boston Terriers so if you have one write and tell me about yours. I'm thinking about getting a cell phone as I want to share pictures with my friends. I'm open to suggestions on phones so write and tell me what you have and why you like it and tell me about some good plans and what is best as I don't know what to look for. I'm all new to this.

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Small Mail Penpals
by: Priscilla/ Delaware, USA

I'd love to become a penpal. I'm a 67y/o creative (visual artist/ painter), retired elementary school teacher, mom to 4, grammi to 3). As a young at heart senior, relatively healthy (need to lose a few pounds though), I enjoy people who are positive and productive... keeps me young😄 Did penpalling in my 30s and 40s then went back into the classroom and didn't have time to commit. I enjoy painting of course, music, reading, decorating, cooking, growing plants (plant momma to over 20), being out in Nature, sky watching, and photography. My motto is there's always something to learn and I'm peeling off layers and focusing on kindness, empathy, and positivity. I prefer small mail as reaching in my mailbox and pulling out a letter from a penpal was always a welcome highlight of the day. I enjoy swapping recipes, inspirational cards, craft nuggets, and small token gifts. If interested in becoming friends and a committed penpal, please reply and I'll send my address.

Wendy: Write to me: and I can add you to the new Email Group.

I hate Perfection
by: Your John/United States

My name is john , I hate perfection , looking for a serious relationship that can bring out the best in me and my partner , anyone who is also looking for what am looking for should kindly contact me. . do write me so that we can get know us more

Lonrly in retirement
by: Janna

I retired about a year ago. Before retirement, I worked full time and was busy with many community organizations. I have a lot to give, but with COVID19 visitors highly restricted.

My brother lives an hour from here, but has only visited a few times. I am so thankful for the people of the church that I've been attending. They came to visit, they brought me birthday gifts and loved me when my brother did not have time.

Snail mail pen pals wanted
by: Bonney Strong

I am looking for snail mail pals. I live in northern WI. I hate to say it but I will be 70 very soon. I am married, have 2 adopted adult children. I have a yorkie which I adore. I worked as a hospital ward secretary for 8 yrs and for a synthetic oil company before that. I had polio when I was 3 months old.

I would like someone who writes long letters. Only females please.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Looking for a snail mail friend
by: Evelyn G..Arkansas

I'm Evelyn I'm 63 a love writing letters but have no one to write to anymore.

snail mail, why?
by: Anonymous

This sort of mail is so much easier?

I am 62 years old, male, only minor health issues so far,
want to do great things still and expect I might be able to do them.

Michael Hertel

PS, name and city and age you can find an address for almost anyone.

Pen Pals
by: Louisewt


Just wanted to issue you a warning about being a kind and generous person that you seem to be.

Be on guard for scammers. I happen to know of a woman who, right now, is IN LOVE with a man she met on the internet. She just started this 'relationship' with him and he has already asked her to send $550 to him in South Africa. She did send it to him and thinks 'they are in love'. He was supposed to come to the USA and buy her a house. Makes no sense if he can buy her a house and needs money from her if it was legit. He was supposed to arrive from South Africa this week but all of a sudden he is hung up in Customs or some other bogus lie. He now asked her to send another $1,200. Not sure if she is sending the money or not.

She is newly divorced with 2 kids and has no extra money. I know you are looking for friendship, but just be careful with needy people with sob stories asking for money.

This woman's stupidity makes me so angry. People have told her it is a scam but she believes this guy is in love with her. The only thing he loves is the money he scams her out of.

Wendy: Dr. Phil Show has all sorts of scams like this, mostly women, but men too, who fall for these scammers... never ever send money. Uggg.

Senior Pen Pals
by: Wendy,


I am posting your request but have deleted the address. I cannot post personal things online.

Please consider joining the Retirement Community (right column on site) and you'll find plenty of seniors in there. Some might want a snail mail pal... just gotta join and find those people!

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