Snowbird: I love Sanibel Island, Florida

by Dave
(Sanibel Island, FL)

I am from Pennsylvania. I visit Sanibel island, FL. We typically stay in a beach front condo.

I love Florida on the Gulf Side in the winter for the great weather and great shelling.

I love everything about Florida, the crystal clear water, the shells, the dolphins.

Typically my days consist of watching the sunrise, eating breakfast and laying on the beach until dinner time. Nights are dinner and whatever I can find to do!

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I understand your love
by: kim

I live here in the west coast of florida, Sanibel, fort myers beach, ft myers, and n fort myers. It is a great place to live and retire, of course I have been here since a teen and have no desire to leave.


I live in Camden, Maine. I did go to Dunedin, FL this past winter, Bradenton Beach still better. Has anyone tried Mexico? Where in PA do you live?

new to snowbirding
by: Anonymous

We are from CT. and are fed up with the winters. Looking to become a snowbird this year. We just came back from Destin, FL. to check things out. We really loved it.

Do you shop around for places to stay? I know the resorts cater to snowbirds. What info can you give me for Sanibel Island? We've been there and love that area also.

We're also considering Myrtle Beach, SC.

Thanks for any info you might have.


I have gotten notices that there are replies to my questions but I do not know how to retrieve them. PLEASE HELP ME

wendy: there are no replies other than those already posted on this page. I don't know what you are receiving, but you can send it to me and I will see if something is in error.

by: louanne

Is anyone familiar with Madiera Beach, Florida? What is your opinion?

Snow bird
by: Louanne

Beachfront condo? I visited this winter and really loved the gulf area. I am considering to try the Oceanside coast next winter. COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS?

Counting the waves of life's ocean ....
by: Retd. Prof. (Mr) Durgesh Kumar Srivastava New Delhi, India

Dear Dave,

I congratulate you on your daily routine in lovely Florida. Having a leisurely breakfast and then going to the beach front and sun bathing on the warm sands all day long and then returning home to dinner must be very relaxing.

Seeing the world go by as we enjoy the sun and the wind must be good. But there must be more to see and do in Florida than all this. There must be many games to play, many museums to visit and see, many libraries to visit and find something to read, many sports events to go see and enjoy, many picnic spots to visit and photograph, many facets of local life to see at close hand, and many other things to do.

When you are fed up with your normal routine, please see Florida from all these angles and let us know, through the columns of what you have seen and enjoyed.

Also, you can venture out and learn many new things - some new sport, some new activity, some new hobby, making new friends and things like that. Did you see the total eclipse of the moon that took place recently and captivated the whole world? It must have been visible from the Florida beaches.

I wish you a lot of hectic enjoyment of Florida life. Wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011,

Retd. Prof. (Mr.) Durgesh Kumar Srivastava,
New Delhi, India, 22nd Dec., 2010


by: Rick

Where in P.A? Bensalem here

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