Snowbird Resorts

by Sue

For those of you who are snowbirds, how did you decide on your SR resort? There are too many to visit and there are different monthly rentals. How did you pick yours?

Secondly, how do you justify paying the park rent for the 6 months that you aren't living there? (If you own a park model or permanent mobile home.)

We would love to be snowbirds in AZ, with a park model, but paying the 6 months we aren't living there...hmmm.

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Allied Gardens in San Diego, CA is lovely.
$850 - 900 month.

Snowbird P-[ayments
by: Tom Damron

I live in Plano, Texas and we have few, if any, snowbirds. However when I worked the Texas Valley, there we more than one could count. While golfing with a few of them, I learned that they had bought their Lot and the parking slab. A few left their trailer to keep from having gasoline expenses eat them up pulling it back and forth from way up north. The facility was gated, protected, and the cost of the Lot was less than years of rental and the travel costs.

If you haven't checked for facilities where you purchase the Lot, it's worth a look-see as a solution.

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