So glad to find a place to write!!

by Janice Schneider
(Rushville, NY)

Since I was in second grade of school, I have written.

I have worn many hats in my 73 years....done many things, known fascinating people. I am eternal optimist....and always look at things through rose-colored glasses. Therefore, I have enjoyed everything I have ever done!! From milking cows in Florida on a farm with 1100 cows, to driving a big rig down roads that had no end, I have loved life!

I always carried little notebooks with me, usually in a pocket, to record what I saw and heard. I have stacks of these little books...tattered, now, from all the miles I took them. Full of the memories , diesel smoke, voices of the other drivers, song of the highway.

I became a nurse in my 50's , fulfilling a lifelong dream. Still I carried the little notebooks in my pocket...recording what I observed. Even tho I never used the names of the people I wrote about, I can read them now, so many years later, and know instantly who I was writing about.

The people I knew left prints on my heart..and in my books, I can write about them here on Wendy's pages!

Bless you, Wendy , for birthing such a wonderful forum!!

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Memories are all we can take with us,
by: Clifford / Coconut Creek FL

The thought that hit me like a sledge hammer was that "all we can take with us are memories, so they better be good". Am I profound or what?

Long ago I was told that I had an extremely high IQ, A memory of detail exceeding normal. Entering the Asspergers or ADHD spectrum.

Over the years other than a journal I have photos. Sad to say that the subjects at this point sadden me, I have hung photos all over my office/man cave. In my conscious mind I seem to trivialize the best and draw on the negatives.I take everything personal. It is my life!

Why? Who? What? I have read that among some there are believers that the world only exists for them in there own thought process. Elite Soloists I believe is the expression, until one fathoms that what we do has a direct impact on others, So empathy is the rule, although separation is often a necessity to keep my mind on track.

by: Mavis

Hello Janice from NY.

I am already drawn into your story and look forward to reading about your life's adventures on Retirement -on- Line.

Writers Group
by: Fern

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