So Sad

by matt i

I remain flabbergasted -that most of the stories other from australia --have pity party american retirees complaining about being so busy or not busy at all ?

There is not a school for how to retire -don't they realize until recently most people didn't reach the age of 50 ? and most the world peoples never heard of it- running around trying to stay busy --good grief -- the golden years if you may be so lucky --are not designed to return to infancy again and pout --we are living in a country that you don't have to anything but enjoy being born in the USA -and enjoy the freedom of our personal thoughts and lifestyles -without fear.

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Responding to Matt in "So Sad"
by: Fred Mexico

I am from the USA and moved down to Mexico 6 years ago from an "upscale" gated community in South Florida.

I had lived over 20 years in beautiful South Florida but it became so toxic I bailed. My gated community became a place full of racist (I am 79 and white), super rich (I am ok financially) and very angry folks. As you pointed out, the USA has so much wealth, so much to do, and we are so blessed. I was lucky and travelled a lot abroad when young and being an arrogant young American was stunned to see there was NO correlation with wealth and happiness in other "poor" countries. But at the same time I realized how lucky I was just to be born in the USA much less well educated
and a very good job(I was born pretty poor). Anyway, I now live a stressless life among folks those in the gated community I left would "feel sorry for" as they don't have a lot of money...I am not kidding. The folks down here have way more fun, there is far more to do, and no one is judgmental. How did the USA get so angry? We have everything on paper. I can honestly say the expats with tiny pensions, in general, are far happier than the super rich I saw in FL. Just my 2 cents. Peace and Love to ALL

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