So Tired

So I worked for 35 years in a stressful position. I retired in 2020, got bored worked for a bank for 1.5 years and just recently said to myself I'm done.

But now all I want to do is sleep, I'm talking 10 - 12 hrs a day.

I'm 67 yrs old but I've always had that get up and go...but I think it has got up and left. LOL

What is wrong with me?

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Tired but not finished
by: Anonymous

Not to underestimate you when you didn't say that you're an enforcer of the faith, when you said you worked 39 yrs. You didn't say why you had to work at a bank; and whatever you did for the bank took a lot out of you; but 39 is just a number.

So now you say you're tired, because you can sleep longer hours, but it means you're recharging; and you won't fade into the darkness and you won't give into the fight.

We know you're tired, but you know you're not finished.

Get a physical and see a therapist
by: Michael - Warm and Sunny Venice Florida

Life changes do require a period of transition.

Are you depressed about being retired and feel that you have nothing to do?

Schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to rule out any medical issues. Then, if nothing is physically wrong, ask your doctor to recommend a mental health counselor.

You are still young, vibrant, and have so much living to do. Sleeping the day away won't help you LIVE. Call you doctor TODAY!

There's nothing wrong with you
by: Tom

There's nothing wrong with you.

My sympathies but you no longer have the structured work life of having to get up at a certain time to get ready, get dressed, have breakfast, etc... Only you can create structure such as getting up for going to the gym every day by 9 am or even working out at home or even going for a walk.

Just try and set up a schedule and stick with it. I think most of us end up sleeping too much upon retiring because people don't have any reason to get up.

Give yourself a reason for going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time. I set up a list of tasks that I slowly chip away at. It soon becomes a job ie. cleaning out clutter, vacuuming, doing small repairs around the house, repainting a room etc..

Best of luck and know we are all cheering for you. Tom

can relate
by: Anonymous

i retired 3 years ago at age 67. i also had the long sleep plus long naps and was still tired.

three years later i find it almost impossible to get through the day without at least a 10 or 15 minute nap. exhausted most days. sometimes an ok or a good day.

my night sleep is really poor though for various reasons. i don't know of any good answer. hope it gets better for you.

i do feel better overall than i did when first retired.

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