Social Security and Still Employed

by Peggy Brooks

I will be 62 May 2011. If I choose to get Social Security Benefits, how much am I allowed to make if I stay at current?

Wendy's Reply: How much can you earn and still get benefits? You can earn up to $14,160 in 2010.

If you go past the maximum, from age 62 through full retirement age, Social Security will reduce your benefit by $1 for each $2 you earned above $14,160.

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Social Security & still employed
by: Phyl

I am still working & want to collect Social security. I am 62. I will not go over $14,160. Since I am still paying into Social security taxes, will my benefit rate increase when I turn 66 or will the reduced rate always be the same?

Wendy: IF you start to collect Social Security AND you continue to work part time (assuming you don't go over the limit) -- Social Security will recalculate your benefit every year due to that years earnings, and you'll get an increased payment. It's a win - win for you!

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