Social Security Benefit Application: 
Social Security Problems & Solutions!

What You Need to Know Before You File...

Are you ready to complete your Social Security Benefit Application? Are you really applying for your Social Security benefit... are you really ready?

Social Security Administration is one very complex system... and we all know that! This is my attempt to simplify a few things that you should consider when looking at your Social Security benefits.

Maybe it's the right time for you to apply, but think twice -- maybe it's not. There is plenty to consider... just read a few pages and see if anything hits home with you, ok?

The Basics of Social Security 

First, if you need the  Social Security phone number, or need to apply for social security online, go here... BUT I hope you don't click that link. WHY? Because you should KNOW about the benefits you are entitled to before you apply... ask educated questions so you get good answers from Social Security.

Just how is social security calculated?  Here are the very simplest basics of your Social Security monthly payment.

How does Social Security do the Social Security calculation?

Marriage, Divorce, and Social Security

How does Marriage and Social Security retirement benefits work together?  What happens with Social Security in a Divorce? Know your rights here... you might draw from an ex-spouses benefit and get more than your own benefit.

When your Spouses Pre-Deceases You

Need information on the Social Security Survivor benefit?  This is for those who have lost a spouse to death, even years ago... learn about the social security widow benefit. You might be able to draw your benefit at age 60, 2 years before the normal age 62.

Early Retirement and Your Social Security Benefit

Wondering how an early retirement Social Security benefit might affect you?  Early could be at 50, 55 (years without any earnings) or at 62 (early and lowest benefit available to you).

Social Security At Age 62?

Should you or shouldn't you consider Social Security early retirement? There are no easy answers!

Remain Working: Social Security After Age 62?

Are you considering working past age 62 (instead of an early retirement Social Security benefit) and curious how this will help your Social Security payment and finances? Read about social security benefits and working at the bottom of this page!

Disability Retirement and Social Security

Are you considering a Social Security disability insurance benefit? I found a free Do-It-Yourself service (that also has disability advocates) that can really help you! Did I mention it's FREE?

Working Past Full Retirement Age 66 - You Win!

What if you continue to work and draw Social Security benefits? What is the Social Security Income Limit? This is a true winner, getting the benefit maximum for security social

 if you are able to work a bit longer!

Three Odd Social Security Recalculations

Here are, in my opinion, the ODDEST three ways to have your benefit recalculated. Three odd SS recalculations here... these are legal just rarely used.

Fun Facts

Fun facts on Social Security Retirement Information here!

Social Security statistics here!

Social Security Funding... Finally, what about Social Security Funding? Will Social Security last?