When are
Social Security Checks Issued?

Pensions and Social Security checks are normally paid each month, for the previous month. This makes sense... you work a week, and then you get paid. In retirement, you are retired for a month, then you get payment... right?

For example the check you will receive in July is for the month of June. Again, this makes perfect sense as you need to "earn" that benefit before it is paid. You don't work for it, but you do live that month, then get the benefit payment.

Back to Social Security Checks, alone:

When you first apply for Social Security benefits, your benefit award notice from Social Security, tells you when you will receive your payments. The day in the month that your payment is paid, depends on your birth date.

This means your benefit will be determined by your birth date. Your spouse will receive payment date will be determined by their own birth date.

This payment system doesn't apply if you started to draw Social Security before 1997... OK?

Check this out: 

Your Birth DATE Benefits Pay Date
1st - 10th Second Wednesday
11th - 20th Third Wednesday
21st - 31st Fourth Wednesday

OK, so your birth date is on January 20th, then your monthly benefit check will be paid on the third Wednesday of every month.

Normally, once the date you receive your benefits is determined, it will not change. The date you receive your benefits has no effect on the way your benefits are figured.

Finally, here is a link to Social Security -- a calendar showing payment dates.