Social Security: Cost of Living Adjustments

by Phillip DeNise
(Albany, GA)

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COLA's are good, right?

I got my first adjustment in JAN, when my $920/mo soared to $936 (that's 1.7% rounded down).

But in FEB, there will be a substantial reduction in my income. I'm turning 65, and must now purchase my Medicare coverage.

I've been living in a local Motel for about two years, but was reluctant to provide SSA with my address here, as I had never considered it a permanent address.

Glad I paid the Administration a visit now, as they had already sent me my Medicare Card to an address back in Arizona (I hope nobody is using it there!).

There's a lot more to THIS story, but I'm still 'writing' it.

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They're better than the alternative
by: Leigh

Cola's would be better if they actually went up as close to the "Cost of Living" ratio goes up.

by: Phillip DeNise in Albany, Georgia

I went to DFACS (as instructed) & filled out the QMB form (to get the reimbursement process [30-da.] started, so this month I'll get $831, but next month I'll get $1041; the $831 will go onto my DirectExpress debit card (which expires on my birthday; in just ten days).

I just had Social Security switch these deposits to my new (SUNTRUST) account, & when that little deposit arrives on the 25th, I'll drain the DirectExpress to zeroes, and deposit $3200.00 into my new Savings Account.

The next one (over $1K) will conveniently land in my new Checking Account; all I need to do now, is walk (about 5-miles) out to DMV, for an eye-test I'm not sure I will pass, as my Driver's License expires on my 65th birthday as well!

Government Mail
by: Anonymous

I'm guessing that any undeliverable Government mail would be returned to the sender. Is there no affordable housing available in the State that you want to live in?

Social Security
by: Paula

I got the small increase this year too. About $26.00 more a month.

I will qualify for Medicare in June of this year and will also face having the Part B premium deducted from my social security check. I think I will be okay but I just don't understand why they charge so much.

You can make as much as $85,000 per year and the premium is the same no matter where you are on that scale!

Plus I have been inundated with junk mail for medicare supplements. If I bought a supplement and paid the medicare premium I'd be broke!

I don't know how it is in Atlanta but Texas does have programs to help with some Medicare costs. It might be worth looking into!

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