Social Security Cost of Living Increase

by Richard Williams
(Lakeside Montana)

Why aren't we getting a social security raise?

Wendy: WOW.. tough question!

I wil refer you directly to the Social Security COLA website where they've published a press release for 2011, fact sheets, and more...

Best Wishes!

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by: Anonymous

Well they do live now past 65 so this government better make some changes, hello. There are alot of baby boomers out there and we are going to die an early age. Why can't all those top executives in the government share their wealth, don't need all that money. They are so damn corrupt and evil.

Wendy: Don't know about you -- but *I* intend to live out my retirement years and NOT die at an early age! Grin!

We live better healthier lifestyles, think about our life... My mother is 86 and doing quite well. I hope for the same, and more!

Cost of living increase
by: Anonymous

Because supposedly there is no inflation.

But if you are depending upon social security for your retirement years, you had better get yourself a job pronto.

It was never meant to be an income: that's why Mr Fraud FDR set the age at 65: if you look you will see in the 1930's few people lived beyond 65: he meant it as a way for the govt to get more of our money not as a "safety net".

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