Social Security Estimate

by charles h
(vicksburg mississippi)

what is an estimate of what i will receive once i am approved? i made 38000.

Wendy's Reply: Hi Charles!

Nothing with Social Security is that easy.. it depends on what you earned the last 35 years.. yes, 35 years! Plus how long you worked (25 years or 35 years)... they have a very complex formula which is left alone for Social Security to calculate.

A month or so before your birthday, every year, you should get a Social Security estimate mailed to you. On the second page, at the top, it will tell you your monthly benefit at age 62, 65, for a disability retirement, etc.

It's all right there in the four pager they send to you each year... so your best bet is finding that Social Security estimate that was mailed to you.

Maybe your birthday is coming up soon? Then you can watch your mail for the estimate.

If not, you can order one here:

Order a new Social Security estimate here. They are fairly quick and will send it in 2-4 weeks!

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