Years before I was able to draw SS I had to retire from my job because of health reasons.

You are going to ask why I didn't draw disability. At that time my diagnosis was not recognized (severe fibromyalgia) and it was very hard to convince a panel of lawyers that I was unable to do my job with an unrecognizable illness.

I now draw SS as does my husband, but he has to continue working so we can afford my medications.

Our financial advisor told my husband I should also be drawing from his SS because the amount I drew wasn't half of what he drew. Is he correct and if so, how do I go about this?

Wendy: ABSOLUTELY. Social Security will pay the higher amount: your own benefit or half of his, whichever is greater.

Call Social Security -- 1-800-772-1213 is the nationwide number. Explain the situation. They will need your name/ss# as well as your husbands...

If you'd like to read this on the SS site:
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Best Wishes!

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