Social Security: spousal benefits

63 year old still working, wife of same age has been mostly a homemaker so does not have enough quarters to retire on her number... can she retire on my number even though i continue to work. we have been married 42 years and are from weimar, texas

Wendy: Your wife is entitled to l/2 of your benefit at "normal retirement age". If she starts earlier, at age 63 for example, she'd lose part of the benefit (approximately 65% at age 63).

Call the 1-800-772-1213 Social Security number and set up an appointment at their office. When you get there they will have your file ready... so there is no wait. Ask them what she'd get now compared to waiting a few years for her full 50% benefit at age 66... and then either apply for the benefit, or wait a bit longer to get the higher lifetime benefit.

One thing to consider... do you NEED it now?
What is her family life expectancy? If her parents lived to their mid-80s or beyond, she might want to wait for the full benefit as she'd draw that payment for 20+ years.

This is the Social Security website page, if you want to read more!

Best wishes!

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