Social Security - where is your proof?

by anne

I applied for social security on my xspouse record..was married for 30 years and been divorced for 12..i am 62 and i was told that i could draw on his because i was the lower earner and let mine accrue and draw mine at 66..if i wanted..

i would like clarification and more detailed info just for my own satisfaction ..i am still working and i do not really need this as i can wait till full retirement age (66) and draw much more just trying to look out for myself ...

i asked for this simple info and where it is on the website in simple language and no one can seem to give me a correct answer and trust me i have tried.thanks for listening

Wendy I think your answers are here: If you are divorced and Your Divorced Spouse... hope this helps!

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divorce/spousal benefits
by: anne

thank you all for your comments...i did all of the above..went to ssa and turns out the representative gave me the wrong info. i did get some legal advice and finally got the correct answers..decided to withdraw my application till fra..thanks again and you would think it would have been simple but not so ..thanks again

by: Bernaline

I was married for 33 years, got divorced. I was able to draw from my former husband's SS. When he died three years ago, believe it or not, my SS check doubled. I don't understand a lot of things, but I was assured that this was legal and I wouldn't have to pay anything back later. I'm now 75 and still drawing from SS.

ss journey
by: Chuck

Bring or know his SSAN, marriage certificate, death certificate (if there is one), divorce degree and make an appointment locally. Any other documents (passport(s) you feel you need. You have to prove you are you... drivers license or some photo ID Expect a wait but expect answers too. Try to remain calm, and breath. Good Luck.

Ex-spouse and Social Security
by: Del

Anne, call your local Social Security office and make an appointment to see someone personally so you can get the entire information you need. Don't waste time looking online.

It's pretty simple: if your Social Security benefit is or will be higher than his, then you can't draw on his. But it sounds like, from what you said, that you were the lower wage-earner. Make that phone call today.


Wendy Del is right... make an appointment and get answers face to face. They will have your record ready to go, will look at you and your spouses earnings and can give you definite answers. Somehow, I assumed you had done this -- but maybe not.

Contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 - the nationwide number.

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