Some regrets, no regrets

by June

I retired at 66, four years ago. I had always worked so this was and is new to me.

I have some money, but when there are the insurances and taxes and extra home repairs and unexpected medical bills, it gets a little tight. Would be nice to have the extra money to do the things I could do when I had a regular pay check; but I don't. I am fortunate that I paid off my house, have no auto loans or other debt, but it is the unexpected that can get you.

I have always been pretty healthy but this past year has been a bugger. Was in a car accident, had skin graft on my face, had retina surgery and a cancer removed from my breast. Thank goodness for my supplemental insurance.

So now it is time to pull up my socks and dive back into an active life.

Don't know what I will do, but already have a few trips planned and will share the costs with a friend.
Going to check out some courses at the local tech school. Planning a greenhouse so I can winter garden

And most of all thanking God that I was born in this great country with all its freedom and opportunities.

P.S. Wendy added the bold, just so good!

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House or apartment
by: Sue P.

Hi Debbie,

Yes dealing with health issues can set me back too. I retired to a rural location near (but not lakeshore) a lake and thought I would be very physically active kayaking on the lake. I am 62.

Turns out I fear going out on deep water alone when no one else is outside their houses, so I have slowly stopped. My Higher Power has been consulted and suggests that I look at myself realistically and determine what activities I can do for the rest of my lifetime.

I have put my house on the market and will relocate to a small city. I am not used to apartments but one makes sense now. I am glad I listened to my inner voice and look forward to the move.

Sue P.

Bad year
by: Debbie

My goodness, you certainly have had a bad year. I am so sorry. You have my deepest sympathies. But good for you for still having the guts to keep going forward. Take care of yourself. And thank you for sharing.

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