Something Crazy: Could not let that dream slip away

by Dorisis

When my job in NYC started to wind down, I signed up for photography workshops that I would attend two or three nights a week. I love cameras and lenses - not a great photographer, but I love the challenge of always trying to get a great picture.

Recently, one of my pics came in second place at a small California county fair and I was in heaven. At sixty-nine I won a small red ribbon!

But, as far as dreams - - I always loved road trips and would look with envy at RVs on the road while I was driving. I don't know, something about it that speaks freedom and adventure.

Well, I'm crazy, but just bought a small RV and will probably live to regret it, but I spend so much time researching repairs, maintenance, etc. I may be nuts, but it has always been my dream and I could not leave this earth without at least trying it.

Doesn't work out . . . I sell it. Gotta give it a try.

I am now one of those old ladies you get stuck behind on the freeway driving 55 mph.

Could not let that dream slip away.

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by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your good wishes. I did not move to California - I moved to South Carolina and I wish I moved to California where my son lives.

For now, the RV has been winterized and reading and figuring out its "inners" has been a full time job for me - which is what I need. My son loves it and two heads are better than one when it comes to figuring things out. My first trip will be in March (locally) with my son - after that, I don't know. Someone suggested reaching out to some groups which I plan on doing.

Thank you to the person who said I should adopt the attitude of a 22 year old. What an awesome approach that I am going to adopt. I hate retirement, but things don't last forever - our careers are short really. I have become such a drag that I can't stand it. It is lonely and boring. But, it is sink or swim. Anyway, I have family in Annapolis and that might be a short future trip.

Thank you all again, for your good wishes.

by: Terri

My best friend from high school put her 20 years in and retired from the military. She and her husband RV around the US also volunteering at Habitat for Humanity which gives them purpose.

When she visited me in their huge Class A, I wondered if that was the life for me as well but she said you have to REALLY really be ok with being with your spouse 24/7 and being on the road a lot with no permanent home.

But here’s what stopped me. She said as far as she knows the campgrounds aren’t growing and the spots fill up fast. With the RV boom that is something they don’t really talk about. Where is everyone going to fit in the campgrounds? They even have access to military bases and she mentioned being spontaneous isn’t as easy as you’d think.

I have seen a new thing where people with RV’s are renting them out. That’s a great idea for everyone. Why buy one for a few trips? Most of them are sold @ the 50-100K mark anyway aren’t they?

You Go Girl!
by: Anonymous

Life is very short. Good for you for following your heart! Your thoughts really do create your reality. You are about to have the time of your life - so enjoy it immensely! Any problems that come up are just lessons to learn from. How 'bout pretending you're 22 again and just having a good old time! Trust the Universe and you will be rewarded with good stuff :-)

Follow a Shooting Star
by: Nina from London

It sounds exciting that you are doing the things that you love! Besides the photography, you're going exploring and finding new adventures. Inspiring the rest of us! Let us know about your travels.

Best Wishes, Nina

It sounds great
by: plp

I have always thought about an RV. hope it turns out....I drove myself to Florida from Wisconsin last spring. I was very nervous THINKING about driving alone. No problem! I wish I could afford a RV...I think it might be a wonderful adventure.

Good for you
by: Marylee/Florida

I too bought an rv when I retired 2years ago. My husband had passed away a year before retirement and I found myself alone. This has been the best investment of my life. Go forth and see the country. Safe travels!

Dream...maybe maintainance nightmare?
by: Anonymous

Oh my N.Y. to Ca, you moved from one very expensive place to another!

Following your dream is always a good idea though: good luck driving and maintaining that vehicle.

Are you going to explore the U.S. A. ?

Camping club
by: Anonymous

Join a camping club and travel with other trailers.

we had a dog that trained easily to know our fellow camper but kept strangers away. That dog swam in the Atlantic and Pacific.

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