Something needs to be done: Medical Field

by Joann/Florida

I am a rehab professional of 23 years. I am 59 years old. I was "pushed" out of a 10 year job along with other coworkers thru underhanded methods.

Forced to quit, I had little time to obtain gainful employment. I went thru 15 interviews and landed one PRN position. This never happened to me over the course of my career; I was offered most to all the jobs I applied for.

The Healthcare field has been destroyed replacing experienced workers with new grads with no concern for quality care. Students are now occupying hospitals and the Docs are being forced to become hospitalists or leave.

People in their mid to late fifties are now being FORCED into retirement with sometimes no notice or plan thinking they have 5-7 more years to secure their foundation. And to boot, schools and programs are pumping out workers in massive numbers with the supply starting to outweigh the demand.

Well sitting back and tolerating the situation should not be the way to go. Yes, one can reinvent themselves. But still in all companies decline hire of 60 yo people. The practice of forced retirement should come to the forefront and expose companies that engage in this discriminating practice.

Schools that over produce students adversely affecting programs that always had a specialty reputation in the name of profit adding to the dilemma should also be called onto the carpet.

Something needs to happen PERIOD

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Something needs to be done: Medical Field
by: NY

I feel your pain. I too was caught up in a "restructuring" new term for laying off anyone 50’s and up.

I was a hospital Director and reported to a age biased SVP who was not that much younger than me. I always had great reviews and handled many of their projects that no one wanted or could do.

Then in my last year, all of my work was scrutinized in which they could not find one negative outcome.

The sad thing is try to prove you were laid off for age. My only advise if anyone is presented with a severance letter agreement, have a labor attorney go over it before you sign it. Best thing I did.

AARP response
by: Sandy

I also am angry about ageism which I have witnessed and experienced. Several months ago, I asked AARP what they were doing to address this. Of course, their response indicated that they have programs in place.

I am sure that they can't individually address concerns - only EEOC can do that. And good luck trying to prove any action was done as a result of age discrimination. With the unemployment rate so low, it is very telling that older workers still are pushed out of companies and/or have difficulty finding jobs. So frustrating.

Forced out
by: Wee-zer

It isn't just the medical field. It is all fields. I worked in research and development and I was also given a package to go along with others.

I tried to find another job but I couldn't get anything even close to previous job. It was hell. I was lucky at the time and got 73 weeks unemployment.

Husband was still working so we made it. We finally both decided to retire and are both on Social Security and Medicare. There is discrimination in hiring older workers but they will not admit it and I don't think there will be any change.

Age Discrimination in the Workplace
by: Linda/Nevada

This subject is very prevalent now, but there does not seem to be any dialogue coming from politicians or any leaders that can help bring about changes in age discrimination laws. It makes me very angry to hear from those so called financial experts that say that you should work as long as possible.

Many of us would have stayed in the workforce longer, but our jobs got snatched from under us and there was nothing we could do about it. I got laid off at age 62 so trying to get another job was not possible. One company I applied to asked me in a telephone interview what I would be doing in five years. Really?? I also noticed that some employers require applicants to be able to lift 50 lbs. Another way to weed out older job applicants.

Every time I think about my layoff, I have to remind myself about something I heard on a TV show about change. The actor said changes will not happen unless they are necessary. In my case, my layoff turned into a cruel blessing because I was able to find an affordable apartment for seniors with low incomes.

At this time, where I live, it is becoming very difficult to find affordable senior housing because so many baby boomers are looking for affordable apartments. There is a waiting list for apartments in my complex and one bedroom apartments are very hard to find. I guess I dodged a bullet.

Nevertheless, it still makes me angry that I lost my job because my employer decided they did not want employees over the age of 55. I was not alone in this decision because several of my co-workers over the age of 55 also got laid off.

I have to keep reminding myself that staying angry serves no purpose and karma is always a force in the universe even if we don't see it doing its magic.

medical fields
by: Anonymous

If you think it's bad now wait till we have govt health care and a one payer (govt) system. Most fields will have demand all right as salaries go down and people start leaving all fields as the conditions worsen. In many countries people wait in the halls for surgery, attention, other care and many die as they wait. American used to have the best medical systems in the world. Once the govt set in and medicare, medicaid were set up it was the begining of the end.

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