Sometimes life is just a series of little events that make me laugh

by John Chase

I’ve been retired for about a year and have not found myself to be bored or at a loss for something to do. Each day is a series of small events that I don’t mind doing (such as walking the dog, cleaning windows or spending an inordinate amount of time brushing my teeth.)

Now this entails flossing, water picking, then electric toothbrushing to the point of my satisfaction. My teeth and gums are in the best shape they’ve ever been now that I have the time to spend on it.

I look at what I’ve written and say to myself, “When did you you become so obsessive, John? I assure you that I’m not; in fact my lax attitude regarding dental care is why I probably have so many crowns and bridges in my mouth.

There’s a movie starring Kathleen Turner called Peggy Sue Got Married in which Peggy, a middle aged woman, is magically transported to her high school years in the early 1960’s. She sees and lives many wondrous and emotional moments and, at one point asks her grandfather what he would do differently if he could do life over again. She was looking and expecting some answer of astounding relevance but his response (as he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror) was, “I’d take better care of my teeth!” I always thought that was ironically funny and it pops into my head often when I’m brushing and flossing.

But, enough of that.

Sometimes life is just a series of little events that make me laugh. I enjoy laughing and humor was a sidelight to my working days. I drew and wrote cartoons that I occasionally sold to magazines for extra money (and for the feeling of immortality).

Being new to this blog site, I’ll attempt to upload a sample; hope it works.

In the meantime, enjoy the retirement life!

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by: Anonymous

I used to cartoon as a way to relax after work, but since retiring a year ago, I slowed down with it. For months, I could find no inspiration.

Now I found a reason to cartoon again and can’t find enough time in my days to do as much as I want to now. I like your character style. Keep it up!

I was Wrong.
by: Ben, KY


I thought I had you figured out when you were dwelling on dental care. I thought for sure you were going to tell us you were a retired dentist. But, then I read where you drew cartoons and sold them sometimes for an additional income stream. I decided then-not a retired dentist...they certainly wouldn't need an additional income stream.

I enjoyed your post-the cartoon was also entertaining. Glad to see you are enjoying your retirement-one tooth at a time.


Left Hook
by: Joe W.

It's wonderful to see seniors smile and laugh. Too many times I've see seniors that seem to have a permanent frown on their faces. I often imagine what they would look like if they exchanged those frowns for a few smiles or laughs.

It's no wonder that many seniors are often stereotyped as being grouchy or unhappy. I really like your Gig of producing and selling funny cartoons. Maybe you can create and produce a book of these cartoons for the purpose of getting a wider distribution.

At the same time your making more people smile and laugh, and maybe show some happiness in their own lives. I'll definitely be watching for that left hook!

Thanks for the heads up! Good Luck!

Joe W.

Teeth care
by: plp Green Bay

You made me laugh.....and I too, because of time to do it right, enjoy taking care of my teeth. I bought the "equip" electric toothbrush because it has a timer that you need to brush for 2 minutes.

I have been retired 5 years now and the years have literally flown by. Life certainly is short so I hope I enjoy it to the end.

Your recent post
by: Irwin

Couldn't agree with you more. In my retirement years I find I enjoy writing more than ever as well as reading but am having a hard time making the time to do it. But seeing that I am not getting any younger, I had best re-do my schedule and see what I can do about adding more of my favorite things to do to my daily "To-Do" list. Stretching and exercise must come back into play as well.

I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Thanks for sharing.

You gave me a wonderful laugh
by: Jane Curtis/Hawkins, Tx

I so enjoyed your blog. I am new to writing and have enjoyed starting here with blogs. I do hope you will contribute more of your wonderful talent with us. I needed the laugh and you delivered. Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to reading more from you. I welcome you to our little world.

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