Specs for the job: Retirement

by Ruth Johnson
(Buffalo, NY)

Treat retirement as another job. To be happy in this position, define your duties, your compensations, and working conditions.

After some time, do a job review and decide what to eliminate and what to keep.

The wonderful thing about this, is you are in full control. It is your job description.
Go write it up.

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My job requirements
by: Anonymous

Well I have to walk 3 miles, stopping in the middle for coffee and to watch the news at the coffee shop.

Then i have to manage my investments, etc. which takes a lot of time and thought (no retirement fund, just 800/month social security)

Then i have to do 3 to 6 online french classes (5 to 10 minutes each)

I don't drive so i take the bus or walk, which takes time.

I really need to stretch *to do list (-

i have an online support group daily for an hour

i have a journal

church and donuts once a week

There is gardening forever

barely time to shop and vacuum and do laundry 1*wee.

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