Spouse's Social Security calculation

Potential scenario:

1) my wife and I both fall in the pre-1955 category so we qualified to collect full benefits at age 66
2) I retired at 65 and have been collecting $2000 per month
3) my wife will retire at 62 in two years

If my wife's benefit is $500 at 62 based on her earnings, does my benefit come into play at all to calculate her best benefit option at 62? What would her best option amount be?

Wendy" She will automatically get the biggest benefit she is eligible for: (l) her own benefit (2) half of any spouse benefit (married minimum of ten years) which doesn't affect their benefit. I only mention that so that IF she was previously married -- they'd check her benefit, thne 50% of your benefit and also 50% of her former spouses benefit. She gets the highest benefit.

Call Social Security and make an appointment. No waiting, they will have your info ready when you meet. Tell them about the spouse and let them look at all benefit levels to let you know what the possibilities are.

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