Spring Makes Me Feel Alive

by Donna
(Augusta, Mo USA)

I love Spring and even if it is snowing here in the bluffs of Mo. I feel refreshed. I just finished my Sunday Morning Show and exercise routine and I feel like a new person.

One of the stories this Sunday Morning on CBS was from a RN of 44 years. She wondered did she make any difference in her career. She loved nursing and gave it her all.

So, now here she is the patient at a clinic and the young RN taking care of her looked a little familiar. Ended up that they were both featured on Time Magazine about 30 years ago she had cared for her as a little girl with a life threatening illness.

The young RN really didn't remember any of it as she was a just a baby at the time. But, she said she knew that she always wanted to be a nurse without question.

I think we all want to make a difference and know that we made a difference with our time here. So, I've been thinking that instead of holding our thoughts inside for that stranger that helped us to our family and friends we can make a difference by letting them know in our own words that they made a difference in our life.

Spring is a time for renewal let's share that renewal

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Spring is a time for renewal
by: Donna

Wendy I understand how the great sites of Spring helped you make your retirement decision. I just love seeing all of the trees and flowers come alive. Happy that we can share our experiences.

I really enjoy this site it has helped me tremendously reading how others cope and sharing their experiences. I told you before but, I am telling you again thank you for creating this retirement site.

I love SPRING too!
by: Wendy


Late March 2010 -- driving down the street towards work and the pear trees were in bloom, beautiful white flowers on tree after tree.

That was my sign to retire. Retirees had told me for years, "You'll know when you are ready." and I always doubted that. but I walked directly into my supervisor's office and gave my two week notice!

My husband and family were so surprised! They knew I had been considering retirement for five years, knew I was eligible... but were happy to hear I actually gave my notice!

Those trees, even today, tell me it's time to re-energize, re-new, and yes, re-tire my old life and start NEW!

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