Spring time is a time for planting new seeds.

by Jane
(East Texas)

Spring is a time of rebirth in all that we do. We weed out the bad, cultivate our environment, and plant seeds for new growth. We have our annuals all ready in place; its the new ideas, energy, and spirit we prepare to share.
Without sharing it is all limited.

I've started searching teenage chat rooms on the Internet. I join as a teenager and listen to their problems (what they consider to be problems). I offer advice, plant seeds of hope, and discuss what ever is on their mind. They would never listen to "their grandmother" but they will listen to another teen.

I have had a wonderful time and have made some great friends. If they ever found out the magic would be gone, but I thought I would pass along my way of planting new seeds for spring.

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Helping teens
by: Southern coast

Our viritual world makes it possible to reach out to those young people who need pearls of wisdom. If someone creates an online personality that benefits others, that's a good thing. Don't be discouraged, you might save a life or keep one from being harmed. (We are still teenagers at heart!)

Spring time is a time for planting new seeds.
by: ElaineD

Hi Jane, I hope it's not exactly as you wrote it here that you sign into teenagers' sites as a teenager. Helping any teen in need or that might be suicidal is good BUT not by deception unless you are maybe asked by the parents of such teens.

I find it extremely odd if one has to lie of who they are to get across to someone. I am in my 70s and I do not find it difficult at all to be talking to any teenager or to any age group at all if and when it's required. Just have to find the ways to connect.

For teens it's important to show interest their type of music, what they do for fun etc and they open up in communicating and listening.

Of course some teens might not want to listen to their OWN grandparent but will to some other older person BUT no one should have to lie and deceive to get across to others.

Discussion Groups for Seniors 50+
by: Joe W.

Hi Jane! I suggest that you could also find Seniors Chat or discussion groups such as this one, the Retirement Online Community. This is an area which could use some timely words of wisdom.

One of my current goals is to find ways to give seniors 50+ a greater voice at the table. Too many seniors want to contribute more to society but they have been silenced and forced onto the "pasture land" before their time.

Joe W.

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